“Star Trek Into Darkness” – The Trek Is Back

Space. The Final Frontier.

Or not.

JJ Abrams returns to direct the sequel to his 2009 hit, “Star Trek”, a film that brought the characters of Kirk and his crew back to the big screen.

And while this movie went into Warp at the box office, does the follow-up have enough juice in its core to boldly go where the first went before?

The crew of the Starship Enterprise faces a new enemy with a strength and intellect, the likes of which they never have seen before.

And this new enemy is one of Starfleet’s own.

With what seems to be the whole production of the first film returning for the sequel, it is hard to fault the adventure that is “Star Trek Into Darkness”.
Another solid script written by the team of Orci and Kurtzman, with Damon Lindelof joining them this time, it is envisioned in typical Abrams style and executed flawlessly by a team of actors that completely inhabit their characters on-screen.
The visuals of the first are updated, with small tweaks that make this universe seem even more real and completely engross us in the alien environments we see.
Benedict Cumberbatch explodes onto the big screen, playing villain “John Harrison” with such malevolence that you wonder if any other will top his sinister portrayal this year.

And while the movie is a fantastic sum of parts, it comes off as safe.

There is no doubt that this film deserves much of the accolade that it has received thus far, but in many ways it plays a little too closely to the first film’s formula. While not a bad thing, this series was about reinvigorating the franchise, especially that of the much-loved crew of the original Enterprise.

Again, it’s hard to fault the film, but that is the biggest issue with it. That it is so much like it’s former, it doesn’t become something greater than this.

Though, considering that we are still going at Warp from the first film, the ride bursts forward to thrill us again, on a truly fun trek through the stars.

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