“New 52” Costumes In The “Young Justice” Universe

After the disappointment that was the cancellation of “Young Justice”, a fantastic series with a fresh take on the DC Comics universe, some artists on the internet have done something that only salts the wound left behind by this.

And that is to update the already great designs in the show to match that of their comic counterparts, who are currently in a continuity titled “New 52” and wearing some very dapper modernized takes on their uniforms.
First, an artist by the handle of Ryem Salim delivers this AMAZING piece that reinterprets a LARGE amount of characters in the style of the show with the new uniforms:

And then Enrique23 does a nice, simple update that pulls in even closer to the great aesthetic set by the show, due to taking a design from “Young Justice” designer Phil Bourassa and matching it to the “New 52” :

And all we get in place of this fantastic show is a shallow “Teen Titans” remake, and ANOTHER “Batman” cartoon…just…why…


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