LIVE Blog – The XBOX Reveal

In 7 hours, Microsoft will be holding their 2 hour press event dubbed The XBOX Reveal.

Simple title really, as it is an event that will revolve around the announcement of their next console…or something else completely.

So I’ll be here, updating this very post, with information coming out of the event.


Live Updates:

4:49am – The countdown is on…


5:00am – Major Nelson now on screen

5:01am – Small advertisement of some of the big names in software development behind the 360 speaking on how the XBOX and TV will have a “relationship” through cloud technology and recognition software. ALIVE is the key word.

5:03am – Don Mattrick now on stage starting the reveal

5:04am – Mattrick makes comment that news will come at E3 for the XBOX360, and not something new. Longer life for their hugely successful console?

5:06am – The XBOX One is revealed


5:09am – Yusuf Medhi now on stage

5:10am – The XBOX One will tie all your media together, acting like a universal hub for it, fitting rumours about the XBOX One becoming the center of your entertainment experience

5:12am – Medhi reveals “Instant Switching”, allowing the user to deliver voice commands to switch between mediums. And “Instant Switching” is instant, moving between movies, games, internet and television

5:14am – Gesture expressions expanded, allowing users more control via the Kinect.

5:15am – “Snap” mode is a sidebar that shows information for related material for what is running on the One. This makes the media experience more interactive and unique to the user.

5:18am – “Trending” shows what the XBOX Live community is watching, a mash-up between Twitter and gaming.

5:20am – Mark Whitten is now on stage talking about what’s inside the console. 8GB of RAM, Blu Ray and running on 64-bit. The XBOX One is running “3” operating systems in one set-top box, allowing the user a powerful experience and an architecture that the developers can work with.

5:23am – Whitten is now talking about what’s inside the new Kinect hardware, which looks to better the experience set by the first iteration.

5:24am – The controller looks the same, which is fantastic as it’s a loved design. Also Whitten comments on improving use of the Smartglass application.

5:25am – Lag free controller experience? Interesting.

5:26am – 300,000 servers will be running XBOX Live. It sounds like this number is due to more focus on Cloud technology.

5:28am – Dedicated DVR for recording your gaming accomplishments.

5:29am – Andrew Wilson, head of EA Sports is on-stage. Announces close partnership with Microsoft for the XBOX One along with a new engine revealed for the first time today, EA Ignite.

5:31am – Countless big name sports stars on screen for EA selling the Ignite engine and how it will improve sports games.

5:32am – 10 times more happening within the Ignite engine, to increase the sporting experience through gaming. More lively environments and streaming of popular online matches. XBOX One also receives FIFA 14 Ultimate Team content, exclusive to the console.

5:35am – After EA Sports sizzle-reel, Phil Spencer is on-stage talking about content and exclusivity through software.

5:37am – Forza 5 in-game footage revealed. It looks like the cinematics that have been the sizzle-reel material for the Forza games on the 360.

5:38am – Forza 5 will be available at launch.

5:39am – Remedy Studios showing a launch title. The game is called Quantum Break, and appears to carry on their flair for story-telling with extreme action happening around your character.

5:41am – Microsoft have invested heavily in their software developers, with 15 titles currently in production, 8 of these being new franchises.

5:44am – Bonnie Ross from 343 introduced by Nancy Tellem, where they appear to speaking about a new live-action Halo television series.

5:46pm – Steven Spielberg announced to be working with 343 Industries on a new Halo television show.

5:48am – Microsoft have got an exclusive agreement with NFL to make a more interactive experience for fans of the sport.

5:49am – If integration of the “Fantasy Football” experience is successful, this could grow into other franchises, expanding Microsoft’s share of the home console market.

5:51am – Mattrick still endorsing the set-top box nature of the device, truly reiterating that Microsoft want to be THE center of your media.

5:53am – Eric Hirshberg of Activision brought on stage, announcing an exclusive relationship with Microsoft for DLC of the next Call Of Duty game, Ghosts.

5:55am – Sizzle-reel for Call Of Duty Ghosts, selling the new engine, new additions to the roster of the franchise and how they hope to improve on an already successful franchise.

5:57am – Dynamic maps and new animations added to the franchise to better the multiplayer experience. Lean, slide and interaction will change how multiplayer feels for Call Of Duty. Hirshberg is declaring this will be the best Call Of Duty game they’ve made, showing a visual comparison between Ghosts and Modern Warfare.

6:01am – World Premiere of Call Of Duty Ghosts on the XBOX One.

6:04am – No close of show, the XBOX One event comes to an end. Screensaver in place revealing that more will be announced at E3.

Well, in many ways this event was comparable to that of Sony’s announcement. While tweaking some of the things that disappointed fans at that event, such as revealing form factor, it was a bit hollow, leaving room for more to be shown at E3.

I’ll follow up with a post, later on after thinking about it more, but for now, this finishes the live blog on the reveal of the XBOX One.


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