LIVE BLOG – XBOX Conference At E3 2013

Tomorrow marks the start of E3 and Microsoft are starting it off with their conference.

Hopefully they bring a lot to the table, as social mediums are rife with negative feedback for a company looking to hold their American base while strengthening their share in the global market.

So here, I will be live blogging their announcements, as they go live at E3.



4:28am – The countdown begins. The placeholder is up, and the event is counting down to go live!

4:30am – A rating is now on screen. Possible lead-in to trailer?

4:32am – Cut to wide angle shot of the audience. Awaiting first person on stage to begin the event.

4:36am – We are underway with Konami being the first to take the reins. It looks to be new footage of another Metal Gear game.

4:38am – Metal Gear has gone open world, with a change to style of play making Snake more fluid. It sounds like Keifer Sutherland is also doing the voice work in this game.

4:42am – The game is confirmed as Phantom Pain

4:43am – Don Mattrick and Hideo Kojima take the stage

4:43amPhantom Pain is confirmed as part 5 in the Metal Gear series

4:44am – Yusuf Medhi takes stage talking about the 360’s release 8 years ago and how the One’s release has created a new model for the 360

4:45am – XBL have created a subscription system similar to the Playstation + system, starting with Assassin’s Creed 2 and Halo 3

4:46am – Microsoft confirm they will be supporting the 360 past the One’s release, with a lot of new content releasing for the system. It appears World Of Tanks is coming to the system.

4:48am – Victor Kessler is on stage talking about bringing the PC hit World Of Tanks to the XBOX360.

4:49am – World Of Tanks confirmed as exclusive to the 360, following a Freemium model as the game is free to download.

4:50am – 2 new games for the XBOX360 are being shown. Max: The Curse Of Brotherhood and Dark Souls 2.

4:52am – Phil Spencer is now on-stage, starting the presentation for the XBOX One

4:53am – He’s reminding us that they are working on more games than they ever have on either of their previous consoles. Introduces trailer for a new IP that is going to release on the One.

4:54am – RYSE: Son Of Rome confirmed as trailer.

4:57am – Content appears to be brutal, which means this game will most likely come with a high rating. Gameplay so far appears to resemble a solid action platformer, with sequences that have you working with your army when you’re not being a single-man version yourself.

5:01 – Cevat Yerli from CryTek is on-stage talking about Ryse and how they were able to make this game. It is confirmed as exclusive for the One and playable now at E3.

5:02am  – KILLER INSTINCT returns to the One!

5:03am – Ted Price from Insomniac is on-stage to talk about a game coming for One from the studio, titled Sunset Overdrive.

5:04am – The game is described as a persistent, cloud and community influenced First Person Shooter, with a style fitting of the Insomniac studio.

5:06am – Trailer starts. Appears to be announcement for Forza 5.

5:07am – Dan Greenwalt is on-stage talking about how they’re improving the Forza series with the power of the One.

5:08am – Forza 5 will be using a Learning system that dictates how A.I will respond, meaning there won’t be A.I in the game, but data pulled from other drivers in the Cloud. The system will also apply to your In-Game avatar who will drive even when you’re not playing, furthering your career in the game when you’re unable to.

5:11am – Phil Harrison now on-stage talking about XBOX’s support for developers, both independent and established.

5:13am – Minecraft will be carrying over to XBOX One.

5:13am – Sam Lake from Remedy is on-stage to talk about Quantum Break, a game that was first shown at the XBOX One reveal.

5:14am – Quantum Break confirmed as exclusive for the One. Decisions you make in the game, will affect the TV show experience that runs along side the video game. Footage being shown of in-game play.

5:17am  – Swery65 episodic murder mystery sizzler shown for the game, D4.

5:18am – Dave McCarthy on stage to talk about the game Project Spark, a game that appears to be about making your own game. A combination of Smart Glass and Kinect being shown as controls for the game.

5:21am – You can develop your world, which then becomes interactive allowing other players to jump in. You can then change the world as it changes with you. Sizzler of work other players have done in game, appear to show it as being comparable for creation to that of Little Big Planet on the Playstation.

5:24am – Marc Whitten on stage to talk about Smart Glass and Smart Match, and how these have been improved for the One.

5:26am – New Killer Instinct footage being shown, as tie-in for how the Smart Match system works.

5:27am – In-game DVR system shown, where you can record your game and then place it in the Upload Studio application where you can edit the footage.

5:29am – The One has partnered with Twitch for Live Streaming video game services.

5:30am  – The XBL service has had the Friend list restrictions removed, MS Points dropped and if the main profile has Gold, it means any guest account can use the XBOX Live system.

5:31am – Crimson Dragon shown from the creators of Panzer Dragoon, bringing a game that appears to be similar to that of the much loved series.

5:32am – Dead Rising 3 confirmed as a release for the One, with a new character and location for the franchise.

5:34am – The number of zombies on-screen appears to have gone up, with smarter A.I and what you do appearing to affect how they react. The Build system appears to now be mobile, with the character using this without a Build Table around.

5:36am – No load times as you move between buildings and vehicles, creating a faster pace in the open-world environments of the series. Smart Glass integration used, with the ability to call-in artillery. Dead Rising 3 confirmed as releasing these holidays as an exclusive for the One.

5:38am – CD Projekt Red on-stage confirming that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be releasing for the One.

5:41am – Patrick Soderlund on stage for EA and DICE, presenting Battlefield 4, confirming the game will be running at 60FPS.

5:43am – After an awkward moment where the sound cut out again(Previously occurred with the Crimson Dragon) the new footage is being shown. While it appears to look great, especially with how well it runs, the series appears to be taking the theatrical route of it’s rival Call Of Duty.

5:48am – Lot of gameplay being shown for Battlefield 4, due to popularity of the series and it’s ability to move  units.

5:50am – The One is getting the first map pack for Battlefield 4, before any other platform. Phil Spencer now back on stage to present a new game from the developers of Superbrothers: Swords & Sworcery EP.

5:52am – 5 studios are being invested in, to provide exclusive titles for the One, with Vancouver-based developer Black Tusk working on a AAA title exclusively for the One.

5:54am – Another title for the One being shown from these invested studios. It is a new Halo game!

5:55am – Bonnie Ross on stage talking about Spartan Assault which was announced last Tuesday, along with the Television series. She is now confirming this new Halo game will be a new entry to the series on One, running at 60FPS and using the technology to truly “evolve combat”

5:57am – XBOX One releasing across 21 markets in November, at a price point of $499 USD.

5:58am – One final trailer being shown from Respawn Entertainment, the studio that came out of the bust-up between Infinity Ward and Activision.

6:00am – It appears to a futuristic FPS from the studio, with the title TITANFALL. Vince Zampella now on stage to talk about this game.

6:01am – In-game footage being shown. Appears to have jump-in for multiplayer, with action similar to that of the much-loved first parts of the Modern Warfare series.

6:06am – TITANFALL confirmed as exclusive to the One, closing out the conference.

What can be seen as a strong showing from Microsoft after their Reveal event, it still glazed over the DRM and privacy issues people hav e been worrying about.
They have dealt with this outside of E3, but that won’t stop people speaking up about how they’re not making this “public”.

Apart from that, it looks like for release, Microsoft have a pretty good set of cards in their hand, with some solid exclusives and returning franchises that audiences were craving.
Also improvements to their already robust XBOX Live system which helps streamline and improve the experience by removing restrictions is smart.

Sony will be up next, with more news on the Playstation 4, along with the form factor reveal.

So see you back here, for the next live blog!

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