LIVE Blog – Sony’s PS4 Conference At E3 2013

Sony are the last to step up to the plate at E3, in a position that gives them a slight edge with their rival having already played their cards and being the last event for today.

With news that the form factor will be revealed along with the pricing and release date, a lot of excitement is out there for information on the other behemoth of home console entertainment.

So join us here, for the live blog of the event!


1:15pm – The event is currently running behind schedule, with a splash screen currently occupying the stream.

1:16pm – Audio came through announcing that it will be kicking off in 1 minute.

1:17PM – Sony has started their event with a brilliant light show traversing around the hall.

1:19pm – A montage is running with footage we’ve had from Sony. It seems they’re saving up the best for each announcement.

1:20pm – Jack Tretton is now on-stage, introducing the event.

1:22pm – He is shifted into discussion about the Vita, regarding library size, popularity with audience and how they want to improve the portable market.

1:24pm – He is now announcing upcoming games for the system, with Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway and others coming. Along with these, they are remastering other titles for the Vita with Final Fantasy X, X-2, God Of War 1 and 2 and also Telltale’s upcoming Walking Dead sequel, 400 Days.

1:26pm – The Last Of Us was showcased as the first in a line of announcements for the PS3, for it’s upcoming release this week.

1:28pm – A new game by the name of Puppeteer was shown, looking to be a platformer that mixes itself in with the likes of Rayman and Little Big Planet.

1:29pm –  A game by the name of Rain is shown that leads into the upcoming game Beyond Two Souls from the company Quantic Dream. Bringing their trademark capture systems, with a more interactive game experience compared to their previous titles, it looks set to meet the hype around it.

1:31pm – Footage of Gran Turismo 6 being shown, a surprising entry considering the life-cycle of the PS3.

1:34pm – New footage of Batman: Arkham Origins shown. It looks like Sony has managed to get exclusive content for the PS3 version of the game.

1:37pm – Sony has also developed an exclusive console for Rockstar’s GTA V, showing their relationship they’ve had since GTA III’s inception on the Ps2. A new GTA V themed console will be available at release with the game.

1:39pm – The Playstation 4 is finally revealed.

1:40pm – The form factor is revealed, resembling a mash-up of the Ps2 with a slant, and a gloss/matte fusion for material.

1:42pm – Michael Lynton takes the stage to talk about integration with their entertainment labels.

1:47pm – Jack Tretton takes the stage again, elaborating on how they’re improving their entertainment applications, by improving their Unlimited services and how Netflix and Hulu work with the unit. Redbox Instant by Verizon is also now being added to the unit along with live event access.

1:48pm – Shuhei Yoshida has taken the stage to talk about how social media will tie into the PS4.

1:50pm – Santa Monica and Ready At Dawn take the screens to show off their new game, which is one of 20 first party games, 12 of which are new IP’s that are coming to the  PS4.

1:52pm – The game looks great. A steampunk action platformer titled The Order | 1886.

1:55 – Yoshida says they have a lot in development, and the teams are working hard to get them ready. He then segues into another new game, showcasing the capabilities of the system. It starts with Killzone: Shadow Falls and then transitioned to Drive Club.

1:56pm – Sucker Punch’s franchise inFAMOUS is back on screen with Second Son, which looks even sharper than at the reveal event.

1:58pm – Knack is now on screen, another solid looking platformer for release.

2:00pm – The Dark Sorcerer. It looks to be what the “aged man” tech demo was for.

2:04pm – Adam Boyes is now on stage to introduce Super Giant Games, of Bastion fame, who are working on the title, Transistor.

2:06pm – Boyes is talking about supporting the Indie market, bringing games from that market like Don’t Starve, Mercenary Kings and Octo-Dad Deadliest Catch. A joke about the infamous “Crab Battle” meme is made.

2:11pm – The Oddworld series returns, with an HD Remake of the first title, called Oddworld: New And Tasty.

2:13pm – More Diablo 3 info announced, with exclusive content announced for the game like Drake’s Amulet.

2:14pm – Tetsuya Nomura is now on-screen talking about new material coming our of Square Enix. It appears to footage of VERSUS, a game that has been in the making for years now.

2:15pm – It appears that Final Fantasty XIII VERSUS does exist, with in-game footage shown, resembling the cinematic nature of the games, with more action.

2:16pm – And in a final twist, VERSUS is now Final Fantasy XV. Nomura announces one more trailer for the audience, which is an announcement everyone has been waiting for. The return of the Kingdom Hearts story, Kingdom Hearts III!.

2:19pm – With huge beards and pirates, Sony scores exclusive in-game footage of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

2:24pm – Showing a true demo of the game, the franchise looks to be returning with all it’s flair intact, along with bigger battles, better looks and a whole lot of craziness overall.
Unfortunately, it looks like the code they had ran into a glitch, freezing on stage.

2:26pm – Jonathan Morin of Ubisoft takes the stage to reveal exclusive footage for the game Watch Dogs.

2:28pm – Watch Dogs looks set to meet it’s hype, with beautiful graphics in an open-world environment. A Police takes place, with wonderful lighting effects taking place as a Police Helicopter spots you from the air.

2:34pm – The demo continues, showcasng Aiden’s ability to affect technology around him, with a combat engine reminiscent of the excellent system in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Watch Dogs is also coming with exclusive content for the system.

2:37pm – Sony have partnered with Bethesda, with the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online for the Playstation 4.

2:40pm – From the developers of Just Cause, comes the post-apocalyptic title Mad Max.

2:42pm – Sony announce they won’t impose restrictions on used games, drawing loud cheers from the crowd.

2:43pm – They also announce that they have no DRM solution, so it does not need to go online to play games. All games are disc based.

2:45pm – All Playstation Network services carry across to the PS4.

2:48pm – Bungie finally reveal Destiny gameplay, which is looking really good.

2:58pm – A load of Destiny in-game footage. It appears to be a sort of Borderlands FPS, with an online/offline play style where you can be doing your own mission that friends can jump in on, and then you can join Public Events, creating a multiplayer event for multiple players.

3:04pm – “Is Playstation the best place to play? Without a doubt”; Sony place a price point of $399 USD out on the marketplace.

And so Sony’s event comes to a close. With heavy hitter after heavy hitter, it appears the once-giant of the gaming world is coming out with it’s biggest shoes after delivering one great piece after the other.

Negating the sewage created by the DRM solutions offered by Microsoft, Sony have positioned themselves favourably in the eyes of the consumer. But it begs to ask; These solutions came about for want by the Publisher, so will we see less third party titles on the PS4?

Regardless, with strong first party support, Sony will enter the market during the Christmas period, in the US and Europe.

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