LIVE Blog – Ubisoft At E3 2013

Ubisoft have started their conference event at E3 with a packed out hall showcasing their upcoming games.

And I’ll be blogging about it!


10:00am – Aisha Tyler is hosting for Ubisoft, which is fantastic!

10:06amRocksmith 2014 is being shown, with a demo from Jerry Cantrell of “Alice In Chains” fame, updating an already impressive piece of kit.

10:10am – After talking about how you can participate via social media, Ubisoft kick off their conference with Splinter Cell Blacklist.

10:12am – New sizzler of Splinter Cell Blacklist  shown. Which then crosses into a sizzler for Rayman Legends.

10:14am – With even more focus on an animated environment that the player can interact with, Legends looks to be a great chance for Rayman to return to popularity in the gaming market.

10:16am – Exclusive trailer being shown at E3 for Rayman Legends, and it is looking great with a really nice 2D/3D style.

10:18am  – Ubisoft are now showcasing Mighty Quest, another game that’s on the buzzword wagon for having a “persistent” world, where you loot, protect your loot and steal other people’s loot.

10:20am – Mighty Quest is now in beta and free to play at

10:23am – Ubisoft now showcase South Park: The Stick Of Truth revealing while it’s with a new publisher and developer, it will be the game that has been sold to us previously.

10:24am – Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot is now on stage to introduce the next-gen games they are developing.

10:26am – The Crew is shown, a new racing sim that appears to team you up with a team of 4, competing in missions across America.

10:30am – Immersive and persistent being thrown around. You will be in an open-world environment where you don’t know if you’re driving past A.I, a crew member or past an online rival, making you guess what you’re next move will be.

10:31am – In-game play being shown, where the racer is taking place in an illegal race, and the relocating to another area where he can invite friends to assist in a mission they are about to take part in.
There is no lobby, so the user can invite on the fly.

10:38am – After a good demo of the game, Ubisoft announce integration with tablets where you can build your car outside the game and import it for use when you play.

10:39am – And next is Watch Dogs.

10:44am – A new trailer shown for the game, expanding upon what we already know of the game.

10:45am – Just Dance 2014 is announced, released across all platforms in October. Small trivia fact was this game was developed from a mini-game in the Rabbids series of games.

10:48pm – Ubisoft announce a Rabbids movie, tying into their branching out into the movie medium.

10:51am – Elaborating on what this new Rabbids addition brings, not only is is a movie but it allows the audience to interact with scenes in the movie, providing an immersive experience for them.

10:53am – The Ubisoft conference now moves into Assassin’s Creed IV.

10:55am – A lot of pre-rendered footage being shown for Assassin’s Creed IV. While it looks good, hopefully they show in-game footage next.

10:57am – Juan Guesdon, creative director of this iteration is now on-stage to talk about the game.

11:01am – Another trailer for the game with what appears to be footage interspersed with pre-rendered. Looks to carry on the loved gameplay of the established franchise.

11:02am – And a new Trials game is announced, titlled Trials Fusion that looks to take the crazy physics of the first 2 games and crank it up to 11.
Along with this, a mobile version is being developed titled Trials Frontier that will fill fans who want to play the game on the go.

11:04am – Fusion and Frontier will allow you to look at your statistics across both games, interact with the community and watch your runs from both games.

11:05am – New game from developer Massive Entertainment announced.

11:10am – A game based around what it would take to save the world, it appears to be a team-based shooter dealing with an apocalyptic event.
Looks to be placed in the future, with an advanced UI for the user, and air-based vehicle warfare that allows other players to join with drop-in/drop-out assistance.

11:16am – It’s a new title in the Tom Clancy franchise of games, titled The Division. They have also fired an odd confetti cannon into the audience closing out the show.

An okay showing from Ubisoft, with a lot of games coming from the publisher in the next year.

The lead issue with their event was what seemed to be trailer upon trailer for each of their new games.

Overall though, it seemed like they had enough in their bag to set them up for a solid entry into the next-gen market.

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