“This Is The End” – One Hell Of A Laugh

“This Is The End” is an idea come to fruition. An amazing, hilarious and completely entertaining movie that pulls from a short film Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg created together, along with a multitude of parts from the great ensemble pieces of the past, through to their own recent creations.

The film tells the story of an apocalypse, as experienced through the eyes of five friends. It’s just that the five friends happen to be movie actors Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, James Franco, Jonah Hill and Craig Robinson.

During a raucous house-warming for James Franco, an apocalyptic event occurs which leaves our five “heroes” alone to survive.
After discovering a sixth person in the house (Danny McBride), it falls into an outstanding take on very funny people surviving the end of the world.

With cameos throughout the film and the occasional crass joke (Okay, there’s more than one), it’s a fun outing that will have you laughing out loud along the way.

Its pace doesn’t drop with a fantastic soundtrack complimenting the ride, and an ending that wraps everything together with a message of your choice to take away from it.

With so many big names attached, and so many cameos, this could have easily sold itself on that alone. Instead, it goes beyond that and delivers a hysterical story on Armageddon, which will leave you crying from laughter instead of all the death.

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