“Pacific Rim” – The “Popcorn” movie just got coated in AWESOME

Guillermo Del Toro is a gear that places itself wherever it wants, in the cogs of the Hollywood system.  With an eye that creates captivating and wondrous environments, along with beautiful action that floats between stories that are pleasing to be a part of, it’s interesting to look back on what the director has done.

He goes from large successes in the market such as “Blade II”, through to great tales overlooked by the audience (Hellboy/Hellboy II) and over to critical darlings such as “Pan’s Labyrinth”.

So after the debacle that was his departure from “The Hobbit”, Del Toro returns to the Box Office with a monster flick that French kisses the films that were popular in the hey-day of  “Godzilla” and friends.

“Pacific Rim” tells the story of an Earth being relentlessly attacked by Otherworldly beings that come from a rift in the Pacific Ocean. These beings dubbed the “Kaiju’, push mankind to create their own weapon to combat them; the “Jaegers”.

With an opening sequence that sets in motion the events that unfold for our protagonist, Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam), it follows a formula to explain the why it is happening, the how we can stop it, the who will fight, all as it pours us glass after glass of amazing oversized action.
While weak in parts, it’s beautiful world with a story that simply portrays the hopes of an Earth fighting for survival draws you in to a rollercoaster of fun that you don’t want to get off of.
Hunnam is surrounded by great talent, with the likes of Idris Elba playing the stoic Stacker Pentecost, and Rinko Kikuchi almost stealing the show as the lovable and naïve, Mako Mori.
But what really steals the show are the wonderful Kaiju and Jaegers that battle throughout the film.  With overwhelming scale, and slow, lumbering movements to show the weight of such size, these beasts throw down so hard that it riles up those childhood memories of your toy robots destroying their foes in epic battles of old.

“Pacific Rim” is everything a popcorn movie should be; an easy story, with a feast for the eyes and action so plentiful, you’ll be full on it for days.

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