The XBOX One The Micorsoft Employees Receive

A thread went up in r/XBOXOne earlier today, of someone who’s friend had an image of what the XBOX Team are in for with the release of Microsoft’s next flagship console, the XBOX One:


This White edition XBOX One comes engraved with “I Made This” and “Launch Team Something” (no doubt this “something” pertains to the team the recipient is in) on the unit, and will include 1 year of XBOX Live along with all first party games on release.
Apparently this will only go to employees who are working full-time for Microsoft, and are part of the team until launch, at which point this amazing machine will no doubt be placed under their ownership.

Now of course, this could just be a solid Photoshop, but for now, it seems like working for the XBOX teams at Microsoft would be pretty decent.

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