Grand Theft Auto Vehicle Comes To Life – Not Stolen

If you’ve played the Grand Theft Auto series, you’ll know the Bravado Banshee as one of the high-end speedsters in the popular franchise.

And now someone will have the opportunity to know it in real life:

Bansh7Rockstar teamed up with West Coast Customs of early “Pimp My Ride” fame, to bring to life what the studio has called a “screen-accurate reproduction” of the Bravado Banshee based on its latest model in Grand Theft Auto VUsing an un-named 2013 model vehicle, WCC cut and machined molds which were then overlaid to create the exterior shape of the Dodge Viper-like car.

Bansh4With carbon inlays used for the interior on the dash, center console and door panels, along with leather for the seats, it is finished with a metallic blue paint and the defining white racing stripe down the middle.


And one lucky person will walk away with this and a cheque for $70,000 USD.

In a competition held by GameStop (EB Game‘s sister company), if you’re in the U.S and signed up at GameStop for their “PowerUp Rewards” program, then you have the chance to win this in their “PowerUp Rewards Epic Reward Giveaway” for September.


It’s times like these, that we’re reminded of the fantastic toys America has.

I’ll just go play with my Buzzy Bee now.


SOURCE: Polygon, Rockstar, GameStop

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