A Look At Digital Nationz

Building up like a loading screen for your favourite video game, Digital Nationz is now on the eve of its debut to the New Zealand public.

As New Zealand’s “First Digital Expo”, Jack Grey and Calvin Cochran, who along with event manager Pete Hall, bring you the biggest, the greatest and by the looks of the amazing lighting, the brightest in new technology and gaming.

And there’s plenty on show, to take in.

From the moment you enter, it feels like you are going to be testing an infinite amount of wares. From the Mad Catz stalls that greet you on the way in, to the EB area to purchase any games your collection may be missing, you’ll find yourself weaving in and out of a galaxy of things to take your interest.

Move along and you’ll find a Lego Robo Arena, where you will be shown over how these amazing automatons work, and also get the chance to program one yourself.


Upstairs, is the Occulus Rift, which will easily prove popular during the course of the expo.


On show were the YouTube favourite “Rollercoaster”, and a horror title which will please many wanting an immersive experience in the world of the “Rift”.
These are brought in, on part, by the Media Design Schoolwho will assist users with the experience and also showcase some of their student’s work.

Ocu2If you keep making your way on this top floor, back toward the main floor, you’ll find the greatest treasure, which is the “History Of Video Gaming Museum“.


Reported to be around 30% of his overall haul, collector Mark has graciously allowed them to be displayed at Digital Nationz, taking you on a walk from the Magnavox Odyssey, up to the Sixth Generation of video games which included the Sony Playstation 2 and Microsoft XBOX.

2013-09-27 10.59.08

From here, you’ll make your way down to the area that’s bringing every one in…

The Main Floor.

The main floor is where the big toys come out to play. Down here, you’ll find the location for the Robot Wars and the much-touted Kim Dotcom VS 100 Call Of Duty multiplayer battle.
Keep moving and you pass by Playtech’s impressive area, with high performance PC’s playing a variety of games. Across, you’ll see the blockbuster kid’s games of Disney’s Infinity and a playable demo of the upcoming Lego Marvel Super Heroes.


Move past this and you happen upon Ubisoft’s area, where there’s playable demos for Assassin’s Creed IV on the Playstation 4, Batman: Arkham Origins on the Playstation 3, playable code for The Crew and a room showcasing the world of Watch Dogs.

Then you see the two giants face off.

Sony and Microsoft bring the next-gen to New Zealand, both showcasing their new consoles, the XBOX One and Playstation 4. 
Both areas have a great variety of titles to be played, with Sony bringing in #DRIVECLUB with PS Eye hardware to capture racers, The Playroom and three indie titles which have been proving popular with critics; Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Contrast and Hohokum.

OctoBehind this, they also have Gran Tursimo 6 with the full racing cockpit, Tearaway on the Vita with Ratchet & Clank: NEXUS and Beyond Two Souls on Playstation 3.


Over on Microsoft’s side, they announced earlier this week that around 31 consoles were going to be on show. With multiple stations running code for Forza 5Killer Instinct, LocoCycle and RYSE, they also had a massively hypnotizing large screen unit with playable Killer Instinct running, for 2 challengers to compete on.


The main floor then finishes at the staging area, where the guest speakers will hold their sessions, and off to the side 10 teams will battle on League of Legends.

The expo is shaping up to be a great event and entry into New Zealand’s event calendar. With great support from the big brands in technology, the biggest releases in home consoles being paraded around like they’re already on the market and a fantastic flow to the layout of all the areas, I’m not going to be surprised if we see Digital Nationz come back next year.

INFO: Digital Nationz at Vector Arena; September 28th and 29th. Click here to buy tickets.

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