“One Last Time” – My Favourite ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Moments

After 208 episodes, 9125 scenes and 9 amazing years of laughter, tears and “going big”, ‘How I Met Your Mother’ will drive off into the proverbial sunset.

With this, it will leave us with a lot of great memories of ‘friends’ that have graced us weekly, sharing tales that resonated in a way that will have us spouting off the rules and teachings for some time to come.

To celebrate this occasion, I share some of my favourite moments from the show, because really, if I was to share my favourite moments, it would be Seasons 1 through to 9.


Gael – “Wait For It” (Season 3, Episode 1)


With an amazing cameo from Enrique Iglesias playing ‘Robin’s’ exotic lover ‘Gael’ at the start of Season 3, his introduction started with an amazing riff between’ Barney’, ‘Ted’ and ‘Marshall’ as they attempted to protect Ted’s ego from Robin having ‘won the break-up’.


Robin Sparkles – “Slap Bet” (Season 2, Episode 9)


During Season 2, the gang discovered something about the usually secretive ‘Robin Scherbatsky’. While the bet between ‘Marshall’ and ‘Barney’ was her being part of a teenage wedding or adult film, the truth was that Robin was a semi-successful pop star in her homeland of Canada, which was more shocking than what could have guessed.


The Whole Orchestra – “Something Blue” (Season 2, Episode 22)


During the final episode of Season 2, ‘Barney’ thought he’d discovered something more to ‘Ted’ and Robins’ actions during ‘Marshall’ and Lily’s’ wedding. What he found though, was that the couple which everyone was wanting to succeed, had come to a bittersweet end. The conversation during which ‘Ted’ and ‘Robin’ come to this conclusion finishes on the above line, breaking everyone’s heart in the process.


Hauntingly Beautiful – “The Pineapple Incident” (Season 1, Episode 10)


While the episode itself is a fantastic adventure, the line that always got me was during the time ‘Ted’ meets ‘Trudy’ and she educates him on what karaoke really means.


Big Fudge – “Jenkins” (Season 5, Episode 13)


Greatest. Nickname. Ever. (Yes, it even beats ‘Beercules’)


“Come On” (Season 1, Episode 22)


A somber moment after ‘Ted’s’ personal victory. The end to Season 1 was a perfect way to show that sometimes, maybe the happy ending isn’t so happy after all.


Robin’s Story – “Symphony Of Illumination” (Season 7, Episode 12)


A powerful episode around ‘Robin’ that can’t be described. It is a must-watch from the series.


The Websites – Multiple Episodes


Over the seasons, the show has shared or spoken of many websites during it’s time. The majority of these actually existed, providing a meta-like experience for fans, and in some cases, the opportunity to own props from the show!

A list can be found at the helpful ‘How I Met Your Mother’ wiki here.


‘Bang, Bang, Bangity, Bang’ – “Of Course” (Season 5, Episode 17)


Showing up for the first time in Season 5, ‘Bang, Bang, Bangity, Bang’ went on to show up in every season after, becoming another running gag in a series that already had so many great ones. It’s catchy vibe, and of course what it implies, makes it a fun time for all!


The Mother – “Something New” (Season 8, Episode 24)


For some Season 8 was tenuous, feeling somewhat akin to that of the “filler” episode phenomenon that is rife in Japanese Anime. But come the finale, one final scene brought the love back for  ‘How I Met Your Mother’ fans.

The reveal of ‘The Mother‘.

Delivering one line, her physical existence showed that after all this time, we were truly going to see the conclusion to Ted’s journey.

And it was here, that we realised that it was about to come to an end.

So, that’s only a snippet of what I love about ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Really, there is so much more to it than these few things, from the sword fight to the pineapple, from the suits to the magic tricks. I’d love to hear some of yours, because the great thing about this show, is what we each take from it.

It really has been a beautiful ride and come tomorrow, it will become that much-loved line of one ‘Barney Stinson’…


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  • Mata says:

    I commend you for being able to pick a few out. Like you said, if I were to choose a FAVOURITE moments it would be all of them haha.

    My list would include:

    Robin suiting up and playing laser tag with Barney.

    The rooftop jump scene.

    Um um, the slap bet song ‘You just got slaaaapped’ haha.

    Anytime Lily said ‘youuuuuu sonovabeeetch’

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