’22 Jump Street’ Review – It’s The Same Joke, But Told Really Well

The team that successfully rebooted 21 Jump Street into the modern era, return to tell the same joke and they do it well.

With Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill reprising their roles as ‘Jenko’ and ‘Schmidt’ and the majority of the supporting cast returning, we see 2 years is a long enough for them to come back with the same movie.


While it sounds bad, it is anything but as the joke IS the joke. With heavy self-reference and constant reiteration that they know they are doing it, it makes it feel fresh and ‘Meta’ with their delivery of comedy throughout the movie.

Releasing in the American Summer which proves a popular time for film, you can attach titles to show where they may sit in the large amount of releases over this time.
As such, if there was any one comedy that was released that would be the ‘comedy of the summer’, then it would be 22 Jump Street coming in guns blazing and awkwardly tripping over a book shelf.

22 Jump Street is in cinemas now.

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