Travelling Back In Time With ‘The Order 1886’

The district of Ponsonby in Auckland is always interesting. It with its soiree and flair, a certain brand of people always decorating its streets.

So it was something to see, when a form of transport from centuries past came and took to the road, letting the crowds of startled faces know that the era of 1886 was back for a short time.

Horse Street Rear WM

Playstation New Zealand, in collaboration with Uber Auckland, invited patrons to join them for a time-bending trip around Ponsonby in a horse-drawn carriage that hid its own secrets.

Inside, hidden away from those outside was a Playstation 4, showcasing the new exclusive Playstation 4 title The Order 1886, which along with the carriage immersed riders in the cinematic world of The Order.

With a Maiden welcoming travelers on-board, Playstation and Uber truly went out of their way to produce an amazing experience with an event not to be missed! And with such a big way to start their year of releases, it will be interesting to see what crazy feat they think of next!

See a gallery for the event below!

 The Order: 1886 exclusively on PS4, is available now in store and on the PlayStation Network!


See my interview with game director Dana Jan and programming director Garret Foster here!

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