Pitch Perfect 2 Review – The Pitch Is Back

The original Pitch Perfect was released in 2012 and became something of a hit. With an all-female cast guiding an audience through the world of A cappella, they came with an unrelenting force of humour and wit, mixed with a huge soundtrack of popular songs mashed-up with the magical skill of percussion and bass created by the human voice-box.

So it’s 3 years later and the Barden Bellas return, time-jump in hand and a journey that feels similar to their first outing, but with a weight lifted from their shoulders.

PP1Pitch Perfect 2 somewhat picks up from the end of the first movie, with the aforementioned time-jump bringing them to the present, and ever closer to Gradutation.  Reigning supreme throughout America and proving themselves synonymous with the term ‘fierce’, an event occurs that drags the Bella-name down and forces the team to work out a way to ensure the Bella name survives.

With the full cast returning, and new additions in Hailee Steinfeld and Chrissie Fit, they return with the tone of their first film intact, but with a certain air of relief about them. The risk of the first film’s success removed after it became the sleeper hit of 2012, the jokes take this and run with it, delivering a certain casualness around punchlines that are anything but.
From their flinging of ‘vagina’ jokes and self-deprecation of it’s own countries culture, Pitch Perfect 2 is a perfect example of turning the dial from 10 to 11.

Catering not only to the YouTube generation, the film fills itself with cameos that show just how far it’s come, and with a soundtrack that somehow betters the fantastic offering from their previous outing, Pitch Perfect 2 touches a note that’s pleasing to the ear.

  • Anna Kendr-O-Meter
  • Rebellious Rebel Wilson'ing
  • Off-The-Chain Soundtrack
  • Laughing Out Loudly
  • Aca-Goodness


The Bellas Are Back And Just As Fierce! ACA-HELL-YES.


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