Tomorrowland Review – An Old-Style Adventure In A New World

Some people may know Tomorrowland as that place that exists within the Disney theme parks.

Some may just know it’s a Disney ‘thing’.

And like its sibling film The Haunted Mansion, it is no longer just a representation of a dream of Walt Disney’s, but is now a movie that will take viewers on an adventure that feels like past wonder years.

Starring Britt Robertson (Delivery Man, Under The Dome), George Clooney (Gravity, The Monuments Men), Hugh Laurie (House M.D, Fry & Laurie) and Raffey Cassidy (Snow White & The Huntsman, Mr Selfridge), the story follows Robertson playing Casey Newton.
Casey finds her life changed when she discovers a pin that displaces her to another dimension filled with futuristic tech and things more advanced that what we have currently discovered. Enlisted by the Recruiter (Cassidy), Casey sets out to find inventor Frank Walker (Clooney) who may be able to take her back to this ‘Tomorrowland’ and its wonders.

TLAND2With Clooney apparently playing the role of the curmudgeonly, weary traveller, a lot of Tomorrowland falls to Robertson’s shoulders to carry the audience toward the film’s conclusion.

And she does so with aplomb.

With a never ending fountain of energy and hope, Robertson plays the ever-enthusiastic Casey perfectly. Constantly reassuring Cassidy’s choice of recruit and forcing Clooney’s Walker to join in, the trio take us through an adventure that matches the likes of older films such as The Goonies and Explorers with plenty of “ohh” and “ahh” moments.
Director Brad Bird of The Incredibles and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol fame, returns with his great style and eye. The world is colourful and a wonder to look at, with ‘Easter Eggs’ of his previous work riddled throughout.

While the film loses itself slightly in the second act and also finds itself becoming slightly preachy, it comes around for a solid finale that endorses its message with a bit of hope for our dreams of tomorrow.

And with that, Tomorrowland does exactly what it should.

It takes us to a land of tomorrow.

  • General George Clooney Rating
  • Adventure Awesome-ness
  • Crazy Contraptions
  • Fantastical Dimensions
  • Brad Bird Being Brad Bird


The journey to Tomorrowland is an old-time joy in a very new time!



Tomorrowland is in cinemas this Thursday!

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  • beccajanelee says:

    The movie was great with a good mix of Disney magic, action and a little love story thrown in for good measure! And it’s probably a good time to add – George Clooney is a mega babe in this.

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