Inside Out Review – Your New Pixar Classic

Pixar can do no wrong.

It feels weird to say that because it feels like in their body of work, there should be something that kind of falls over. Maybe it’s Cars 2? But heck, even that smashed the Box Office and really wasn’t that bad.

So will it be their upcoming film Inside Out, a feature that follows the 5 voices inside a young girl’s mind?

It is definitely not.

In fact, this may very well be your new Pixar classic.

Inside Out tells the tale of Riley, a young girl born in Minnesota. Opening with the introduction of her primary emotion Joy (Amy Poehler), we watch her grow and as she does, we meet her other emotions Anger (Lewis Black), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), Fear (Bill Hader) and Sadness (Phyllis Smith), who all live together in ‘Headquarters’ (Riley’s conscious mind). From here they influence Riley’s actions and memories and work together to try to make Riley’s life as happy as possible (mostly due to Joy being a sort-of ‘leader but not leader’ type).

When a life-changing event occurs that throws Joy and Sadness into Riley’s long-term memory banks, it places her in a world of anxiety as Joy and Sadness race to get back to ‘Headquarters’ and correct the ship.

If people ask me what Inside Out is, at first I say it’s the most therapeutic film you may ever see. With seamless switching between Riley’s emotions and how they affect her world, it becomes a story of a young girl transitioning into adulthood and dealing with a change in her emotional spectrum.

A voice cast that wonderfully captures the wonder of the human mind, it’s something special to see Pixar work not only bring their beautiful animated magic as always, but to see them bring to life the noise that is the adult brain and it’s ability to lose itself in process. As you watch this young girl fall into despair, you find yourself not only relating to her, but to the 5 emotions scrambling around attempting to make sure she’s enjoying her life as much as possible.

In that you start to find the message of the film and as it comes to a close, you feel a lightness to you. Because for the first time in a while, those little emotions at the dashboard will be so happy to see that somebody has done their job for them and that smile you create will truly be your own.

  • Pixar Perfection


Inside Out doesn't require any other ratings because it's simply the best animated feature out this year.

You must see it!


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