NZ Film Festival – While We’re Young Review

I remember watching the trailer for While We’re Young a while back because I love watching trailers.
That, and I was interested in seeing what work Adam Driver was going to do next after his spin in the film This Is Where I Leave You; his charm filling the screen with such ease that it’s sort of frustrating because all you think is “Damn…you are so charming, Adam Driver”.

Which is why Driver was probably cast in While We’re Young.

We pick up with a middle-aged couple named Josh (Ben Stiller) and Cornelia Schrebnick (Naomi Watts). After early success with his debut-documentary, Josh struggles to finish his follow-up film while Cornelia starts to find herself surrounded by friends who are quickly becoming parents, her and Josh having trouble with having one of their own.
As this all comes to a head, they meet a young couple named Jamie (Driver) and Darby Massey (Amanda Seyfried). Jamie reveals himself as a fan of Josh’s earlier work and invites the couple into their world where they find a second-wind of youthful exuberance and discovery.

The film is filled with laughs as the middle-age couple struggle to find their place in the world. With the younger couple integrating them into their world, the journey they go on reveals the mess of self-value in society and generational difference; the film presenting the wave of pop-culture establishment with the older couple finding themselves in a world of technology and materialism while the younger look to keep the past alive with sustainable resources.
As the story begins to wrap, it reveals its message of the value of others and the ambiguity of the moral line to younger eyes.

They’re not evil. They’re just young.


While We're Young is a charming tale that looks at the way age changes your view on the world



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