NZ Film Festival – Deathgasm Review

I like to check out at least one (or more) local Kiwi films at the Film Festival, to support the creatives out there doing crazy work based off our tiny little culture.

So I was unbelievably happy come the end of Deathgasm that this was the film I chose to view.

Brodie (Milo Cawthorne) is moved to ‘Small-Town’ New Zealand after his mother is institutionalized.
Forced to live with his heavily religious Aunt and Uncle, their son making his life a veritable hell, Brodie finds friends in Zakk (James Blake), Dion (Sam Berkley) and Giles (Daniel Cresswell).
Creating a metal band named DEATHGASM to survive his new life, Brodie and crew inadvertently summon a legion of Demons to their hometown and must fight to survive the night and reverse the event they’ve caused.
And maybe in this story, the girl (Kimberley Crossman) might have to save them.

Director Jason Lei Howden‘s directorial debut joins other Kiwi classics like Peter Jackson’s Braindead in the fantastic field of fun Kiwi Horror.
While themed around the musical genre of Metal, the film plays around with the small-town mentality many rural New Zealanders experience, with classic Kiwi banter used to full effect (Howden noting that this was the first session that got full-laughs for a joke that’s Kiwi through-and-through).

The gore as over-the-top as the tunes of the films soundtrack, Deathgasm is that type of horror you’ll love for not giving a stuff about what it’s trying to be, and that’s just a fun flick with 80 litres of blood, intense gore and a barrel of laughs.


Deathgasm is a fun mash-up of Scott Pilgrim meets Evil Dead, and it's perfect in every way



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