NZ Film Festival – DOPE Review

If you’re after a coming-of-age film wrapped around 90’s culture taking place in the present day, then DOPE is right up your alley.

Starring Shameik Moore, Tony Revolori and Kiersey Clemons as friends Malcolm, Jib and Diggy. With a love for the era of 90’s music and fashion, the 3 friends find themselves on the outside of any school clique, even more so with their academic skills. Finding their ability to make it through school with one another, a night out changes the plans they had for their future.

With the young main cast’s chemistry binding the film in the laughter it spreads, DOPE is something else in how it throws them toward the conclusion. With humour sprinkled in between the social dynamic they have to live with, they do a brilliant job in finding light amongst a very real issue people of colour still live with today.
Surrounded by an outstanding support cast filled with the likes of Zoë Kravitz, Blake Anderson and A$AP Rocky in a debut role, it marries together comedy, drama, musicals, crime and romance in a coming-of-age story that should be viewed by all.


DOPE tells a great message in amongst a lot of laughs and crazy circumstances


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