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Yes, that title is correct. My emotions.

Me, Earl & The Dying Girl subjects you to a roller coaster ride of youthful emotion as it tells the story of Greg Gaines (Thomas Mann), Earl (RJ Cyler) and Rachel (Olivia Cooke). Setting up a form of ‘Doomsday Countdown’ from the start, Me, Earl & The Dying Girl floats much like the character Greg does. As he assimilates himself into multiple cliques to avoid any kind of quandary, his world bursts apart after reconnecting with childhood friend Rachel who is dealing with the revelation of her cancer diagnosis. The film stumbles around in ‘Wes Anderson’-like flair with bright colours and indie-esque exuberance, even going meta in the form of Greg and Earl’s movies within the movie.
A strong young cast is buffered by an older cast filled out by the likes of Nick Offerman and Connie Britton as Greg’s parents, along with Jon Bernthal as that one cool teacher we all have, the feature has all the tell-tale signs of being adored by many with how well they all come together to deliver a story that’s more parts happy than sad.

The clock may always be counting down onscreen, but like Greg attempts to do so for Rachel, you kind of forget about it. It simply becomes an enchanting story about friends reconnecting and their need to look past their own mortality in the face of the inevitable.

And it’s there, that you will find yourself both fulfilled and empty by such a wonderful tale.


An Andersonian-like tale for the Young Adult audience, Me, Earl & The Dying Girl is a wonderful tale filled with laughs and heart that everyone should watch


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