Everest Review – Fear The Mountain

As a Kiwi, Everest should be a film you see.

Not because of how we’re tied to the mountain through Sir Edmund Hillary’s successful first summit of the mighty mountain, but because this shares the story of a Kiwi who popularised attempts by others to continue this success. This Kiwi, Rob Hall, created a service that guided mountaineers  from Base Camp to the summit and back and in doing so created ease in the impossible.

This movie showcases this adventurous man on a summit attempt that ended in tragedy through conditions that at ground would be manageable, but at 30,000 feet become something insurmountable.

With Australian actor Jason Clarke portraying Hall, his résumé continues to grow with strong showings of his talent. Surrounded by fellow Australian Sam Worthington, Kiwi Martin Henderson, and stalwarts of film Jake Gyllenhal, Robin Wright, Keira Knightly, Josh Brolin and Emily Watson; the cast take us through a harrowing expedition that took the lives of many. It doesn’t overdramatise moments of action, but presents them as they are. Something as simple as crossing a ladder becomes highly dangerous at a higher levels that have low oxygen, and merely sitting on a ridge can be enough to have the mountain take you and that’s how they’re shown. Criss-crossing with those in the lower Camps and the families left at home, Everest takes your breath away with its sadness.

It presents a very true story, without making it bigger than the truth it already is. It reflects on the brave climbers who lost their lives in a tragic turn of events, and once more portrays the mighty Everest as the pinnacle of human feats.


A tragic tale delivered without the classic Hollywood flair, Everest is a remarkable reminder of a story of brave climbers who tried to take down the mighty mountain.


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