The Scorch Trials Review – Burn It All Down

The first Maze Runner film for me was a surprise. YA (Young Adult) films were starting to fizzle after saturating the market, and this film found itself coat-tailing the Hunger Games franchise which, for those outside of being fans of the series, caused some hesitation in jumping out of their seats for it.

But if you took a chance on it, you found a new franchise with a fantastic cast and a dark story about captives stuck in a Survivor-like area of death with more questions than answers.

The Scorch Trials picks up directly from the end of the 2014 film, having us follow Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), Minho (Ki Hong Lee), Teresa (Kaya Scodelario), Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and co. as the world opens up to them after escaping the maze.
The sudden size of the world changing the tension after their last outing, you’re left with a familiar sense of hopefulness and dread due to the uncertainty of everything. Much like the last film, you’re still not sure who you can trust, and you still have as many questions. With the action slightly toned down as this piece becomes something of a story-like development for the trilogy, it brings a lot more to the overall lore to set up for the next and final film in the franchise, The Death Cure.

While it may not punch you in the face like the first film did with it’s giant Grievers and configuring labyrinth, it’s as dreadful with the way it keeps robbing the group of their truth.

And for that, it’ll keep you locked in and ready for what comes next.


While less thrilling than the previous, the new pieces of the puzzle makes The Scorch Trial a solid middle film for the trilogy!


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