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It’s hard for me to talk about Deadpool.

Not because the movie is bad or because some of its content irks me.


deadpool-a1It’s because as a fan of the character and understanding his many manic dispositions, I’d wondered if they’d even attempt to bring that character to the screen in a world where R-ratings are seen as a loss of profit.

Yet here we have it. Like the movie so lovingly points out, we’ve no idea whose ‘Smooth Criminals’ were massaged to bring this film to us (*cough Wolverine cough*),  but director Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds have brought the Merc With A Mouth with extra hot sauce to the screen in a film that “does better with mutants than anything Bryan Singer did in his X-Men films” (sick burn courtesy of Ohheykenny).

Following the traditional ‘hero’s journey’, the story of Wade Wilson (Reynolds) is told in a much more graphic way. The freeway segment that was the original teaser and the majority of the trailers released for the film so far, makes up the opening sequence with title credits that pull no punches for the production team involved, pointing out from the get-go that this isn’t a superhero movie (this is also brought up countless times throughout so we don’t forget that Wade is not a hero).

deadpool-a2With Wade on his journey to ‘save the girl’ (Vanessa played by Morena Baccarin), the acts find themselves structured in a way that is befitting of how Wade’s mind works.
With violence sprayed about like nothing, cuss words used to full effect and X-Men actually being X-Men (THANK YOU FOR GIVING US AN ACTUAL COLOSSUS…), the film is the totality of Reynolds absolute will to play a true big-screen version of Deadpool. With a massively successful directorial debut from Miller, the film also succeeds in surrounding Reynolds withe a strong supporting cast in the form of Baccarin, TJ Miller and Leslie Uggams, playing the team that somehow makes Wade’s crazy “normal” (socially speaking; normal is crazy in its own right).
The only things that may fall flat are the antagonists who are just that; Antagonists. While Ed Skrein and Gina Carano are fantastic as the sort-of-stoic villains, their flatness falls next to ‘Pool’s crazy. But because they’re the thing that gives ‘Pool something to do, they come off as “okay” because they REALLY give him a lot to do.

A secret ending definitely exists after the credits that points out the film’s own confidence in its success, and it has every right to feel that way. With other comic book films lingering in the general public rating area, it might just be about time we had a return of the R-Rating comic book movies and Deadpool is more than happy to lead the way.


Sweet chimichangas, they actually made a Deadpool movie...


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