5 Reasons To Be On #TeamBatman

The countdown to Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has begun.

Like…it probably begun a while back, maybe even further than that depending on how fuelled your hype engines are.
But in New Zealand time, we are 2 days out from the touted “greatest gladiator match in the history of the world” as declared by one Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg).

With that in mind, I’m going to look at these 2 gladiators going head to head, and see if I can help you make a decision as to #WhoWillWin because if you haven’t decided who will, then even Green Arrow can’t save your city! (Sick DC crossover reference, Xenojay *pat pat*)



Everybody Was Arkham Fighting

The Arkham series of games have proved very popular for Rocksteady Games and Warner Brothers. With mechanics and environments that wonderfully stylised the world of Gotham, they sold through the roof and had people running through the streets shouting “THEY DID IT! THEY MADE A BATMAN GAME!”.

And with this game came a combat system called ‘Freeflow Fighting’. With a combination of directional and button inputs, players could throw Batman between opponents with ease; connecting fists to faces with visceral force and skill tantamount to the description of the hero.

Which is fantastic as it looks these games gave Director Zack Snyder the perfect storyboard and concepts to produce a big-screen Batman that looks like an “unstoppable force”.

“Where Does He Get All Those Wonderful Toys?”

  • The Batmobile? Check.
  • Batwing? Check.
  • Grapple Gun? Check.
  • Weird gun thingy against the giant creature that may or may not be Doomsday? Check.

It looks like this Batman isn’t short on “toys”, so it seems he has enough in his utility belt to take down Superman, right?

Oh, and there’s also this thing…



There was a 1986 mini-series produced by comic book author and artist, Frank Miller, titled The Dark Knight Returns. In this story, Batman and Superman battle each other in an epic end-all fight where the cumulative years of experience have prepared the Caped Crusader for this day.

And on this day, he wore Power Armour.

Because how do you fight a God? With a gnarly suit that somehow negates his strength and puts man on-par with a deity.

Does this Batman do the same? I don’t know, but that suit looks cool with it’s glowy eyes making a broody superhero even MORE broody!


“Batman” as a verb?

Don’t be crazy right?


What is it “to Batman”? As the obvious human that stands amongst “Gods”, Batman has always had some form of deus ex machina or MacGuffin to help him out of occasions which no mortal should be able to escape from.

And that is so damn cool.

Whether it’s his preparation to take down a villain who thought they had surprised him, or that he has the means to destroy those perceived as more powerful than him; It’s that this mere man uses his own intelligence and skill (along with some money) to better those that should better him.

And Superman’s face says it all…

Ben Affleck Lives His Dream Role

You might not be a Ben Affleck fan.

But I am.

That guy was the bomb in Phantoms.

And countless other films really.

But that’s beside the point. As a fan of this actor, while I enjoyed the fact that he got to live one dream playing Matt Murdock in the “I NEED TO FORGET THIS WAS A FILM AS IT’S NOW AN INCREDIBLE NETFLIX SERIES” Daredevil, his biggest dream was to play the “Silent Guardian”.

The “Watchful Protector”.

The “Dark Knight” himself, Batman.

And it shows.

In just a handful of trailers, this “fan” is putting every ounce of himself in to the role that he can.

And I am on-board for someone wanting to do that so they can live out their dream.

So Are You #TeamBatman?

Or are you now #TeamBatman because of the above? Are you still #TeamSuperman? Or are you now #TeamSuperman because of the above? (Look, Affleck isn’t that bad, so just stop it)

That’s the question Batman V Superman raises and will answer on the 24th of March, 2016.


Come back tomorrow to see what #TeamSuperman brings to the battle!

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