5 Reasons To Soar With #TeamSuperman

Yesterday we treated you to the spectacle that is the Batman himself and why you should be on his team

With Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice dropping any time soon (2 days to be exact), the question is #WhoWillWin? With our 5 reasons for why you should be on #TeamBatman in this match of the titans, today we provide you with 5 reasons on why you should side with his opponent!

Faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap buildings in a single bound, it’s the ‘Man of Steel’ himself,



From what we saw in Man Of Steel, we already knew this iteration of Clark was well on his way to being the strongest of them all. But it looks like they’re really showing it off in this next film.

What I’m assuming would be .50 caliber bullets being shot by Batman’s Batwing (he names the stuff, not me!), they appear to hit him like annoying raindrops do humans. And as he flies into the sky, they become a nothing; Just something else to remind us that his skin is harder than any thing man has ever encountered.

One Man Army

BvSLogoArmySure Superman is a One Man Army. But why be one, when you can HAVE an army?

Whoever these fellows are, it looks like Superman gets himself a group that appears to be military in nature.
Along with acting like Superman is their leader, the kicker is that it’s pretty damn interesting that they have Superman’s shield adorned on their uniforms…

Collateral Damage

This particular character trait was one that irked many fans of Supes in Man Of Steel. Here we had a hero who didn’t fight in a fashion similar to that of the one they were used to. Brash, careless and overeager to get the job done, destruction was brought down upon Metropolis in his final battle with Zod.

But this was a man who would finish the job at any cost, which you couldn’t argue is too bad a thing in situations involving aliens or masked vigilantes.

Will the costs rise when he fights? Sure. But will he finish the job? You’re damn right he will.

And he’ll make sure it stays done.

He’s Still Human

Sure, he may not take too much care to not destroy everything around him with his power, but he still has his morals!

Downing Batman in their fight, and capturing him elsewhere, Superman appears to still be able to keep himself in check when it comes to the lives of us frail humans on Earth, and that’s something we should applaud him for considering he can burn our planet to a crisp.

This Isn’t Real Estate…

Lex Luthor.

Oh Lex Luthor.

This time played by Jesse Eisenberg, Luthor appears to be a whole new level of crazy. Previously played by Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey on film, they have always presented this character as some form of property mogul with a penchant for crazy schemes that cause trouble for the ‘Last Son Of Krypton’.

But this new Lex seems to be insane.

Appearing to weaponise the dead body of the previous villain, Zod (Michael Shannon), he makes the comment to Lois Lane (Amy Adams) that psychotic is a three syllable word for any “thought too big for little minds”.

And if that’s the case, this Lex may just push Superman to be the hero he was born to be.

So Are You #TeamSuperman?

Or are you still #TeamBatman?

While Superman can seem very vanilla (i.e: plain), you can’t walk past his powers like it’s something casual. With the ability to fly faster than supersonic speeds, the ability to withstand hits that destroy worlds and countless other abilities (HAI HEAT VISION…), it takes a lot to shake him.

Will Batman have what it takes to bring him down? We’ll find out on the 24th of March, 2016 I suppose…


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