Shaving For A Cure

I was asked a few times today why I was shaving my head.

Well for starters, the campaign for Leukemia & Blood Cancer NZ’s annual Shave For A Cure started today. That’s when people offer their heads (or beards) to the cause to raise money for the 6 Kiwi’s diagnosed daily with blood cancer or a related condition. They do not receive any Government funding, so every cent counts toward ensuring their support continues.

And secondly, it’s easy to help, right?

As I waited for my turn to lose my “locks”, I was interviewed by a few different outlets and that was my answer to why I’m doing it. Sure, it was Hilary Barry who made a statement for it:

And my response was if you get asked to help out on something or to help someone, why not do it?

What’s stopping us from doing something great?

So that’s what I did it for; because she asked and I thought “Sure!”.

With my ageless beard in tow, I weave it through my hands and ponder on such a thing, ensuring to be mindful of accomplishing and following such thinking; Because here I am 7 days later, my goal completed (and then some) for an amazing cause, and a fun journey today to share with you all as I Shave For A Cure:


You can support Leukemia & Blood Cancer at the following links below:

My Donation Page
LBCNZ’s Facebook Page
LBCNZ’s Twitter

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