Batman V Superman And Its 4 Hit Combo


Sure, there’s a lot that can be fixed in Batman V Superman.


For me, the first thing I pointed out was the first act. If you removed that, you’d save the film 30 minutes of needless back-story.

I mean, we all know how Batman’s parents died at this point, right? Do we need to see that again?

A better introduction and lead-in to the first act would have been covering off the 20 years of Batman we didn’t see, as this point is easy to forget amongst the mess of plot throughout.

And how about that plot! Sometimes it feels like its been hit by the Bat-Brand, huh?

But hey, we’re not here about the bad parts! We’re here for the things that made this film a 4 star review for me!

So here are the main reasons I enjoyed Batman V Superman.

Let’s get started on that because we might get lost in the Arthurian-esque third act of the film…


Princess Diana Of Themyscira

7 minutes of screen-time in a movie that runs in at 2 hours and 33 minutes.

20 lines of dialogue, 3 of which are said in the 3 and a half minutes she is on-screen during the final battle.

Yet she is glorious.

In that amount of time, they showcase her as enigmatic, strong, determined and “boss-like”. They also somehow show off all of her powers bar the Invisible Jet.

With her trusty Lasso Of Truth tied around Doomsday, Wondie tied up our hearts in the same amount of time.

Darkseid Comes


I’m not sure if it was a fault of the Marketing or Trailer department that this reveal of the character was shown so early (in Empire magazine and the movie trailer)

Yet when it was fully confirmed in all its glory in the film, it’s pretty clear where we’re heading with the Justice League.

Darkseid comes.

After standing over a giant ‘Omega’ symbol dug/burnt into the ground, Batman and his Bat-Squad find themselves overrun (flown?) by Parademons who eventually best the Dark Knight and crew.

And while the sequence closes out with a Maddened Superman, what got me was the fact that it feels like we’re going to see Darkseid very soon…

Run Barry, Run


How about that appearance of Barry Allen, huh?

You know, the guy that appeared in Bruce Wayne’s not-dream dream, which happened after the dream above?

That was The Flash.

Now any appearance of The Flash instantly gives any story a star in my books, because he’s my go-to superhero.

I love the guy.

So while he showed up in a weird suit that protected him from whatever time stream he was breaking through, it was great that he showed up. A lot of people played around with the idea of a Flashpoint Paradox like situation, but such a story is always used to reset events.

In this case, it felt like The Flash was here to say “SHIT IS GOING DOWN GUYS AND YOU NEED TO…NOT..DO…STUFF.”

And how about that suit that kind of looked like the Injustice costume above, huh? Huh!

This Bat DGAF

Seriously. This Bat has no time for your bullshit.

And I love it.

While a lot of people plant their love of Batman on his moral high ground where he traipses the line of ‘Hero’ and ‘Vigilante’, I am absolutely here for a Batman who has lost all hope in the greater good (this is why he’s a foil to the Snyder-Supes in this movie).

With that weird Robin memorial welcoming him and wishing him farewell every time he’s in the Bat-Cave, he is no longer about half measures. 20 years of those have resulted in said-memorial and a load of PTSD that Alfred has no doubt had to deal with.

So after shooting up cars (and people) to heck with .50 cal bullets fired from a Vulcan Cannon attached to the Bat-Wing, he then rescues Clark’s mother and makes a certain choice.

A choice I am on-board with because it’s basically him switching on a giant Bat-Signal and saying “I’M BACK EVERYONE. YOU SHOULD BE SCARED.”

There’s other elements that people no doubt loved.

I know the weird Justice League moment was appreciated, what with the reveal that Lex knew the Meta’s were out there.

And how about actor Joe Morton playing Silas Stone? For me, he played the memorable character Miles Dyson in Terminator 2: Judgment Day where he was responsible for the creation of the Terminators! And now he returns as the creator of Cyborg (who is his biological son…and now cyborg…son).

But above are the things that pushed it from a 3.5 to a 4 for me.

While it’s done enough to warrant more tales to be told, the success of the upcoming Suicide Squad will dictate a lot about where the DC Movie Universe will go next.

My only hope is it’s somewhere slightly happier.

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