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The culmination of events that have called upon the Avengers to save the world, come to a head in the latest Marvel instalmentCaptain America: Civil War.

While the universe is slowly building to something so much bigger in terms of catastrophe, it’s the more personal and intimate world that the Russo Brothers continue to look at after their success with the second Captain America film, The Winter Soldier.

After a secret agency finds itself corrupted by an old sect hell-bent on world control, which is then followed by an A.I developed by Tony Stark to defend the world that decides it wants to bring about the next Extinction Level Event, we find that such things can be taxing on even the mightiest of heroes.

And it’s in this, these choices of morality, that we find our ‘avenging’ heroes becoming foes.

Mr. Worldwide

civil-war-1While The Winter Soldier found its 3 days taking place in Washington D.C, the week or more in Civil War finds itself going global.

Jumping from country to country, our heroes fight across the world as they work through the Sokovia Accords, a document that places accountability on enhanced humans.

Our heroes find themselves having to choose sides, as events unfold that have them all questioning which path is the correct one to follow.

Action Men (And Women)

civil-war-2A lot of the success of The Winter Solider came down to it’s very ground-level approach to action.

It had to look real and visceral, while accounting for the fact that enhanced humans were the ones that were part of the battles.

The movie succeeded in doing just that, and it only finds itself ramped up to 11 in Civil War. If a hero is seen on-screen, then they get a moment to shine in the countless scenes that call upon action.

And the Airport sequence we’ve seen in the trailers and have heard to be rumoured to be around 17 minutes of raw, superheroic fighting?

It is there and is truly something that has ripped itself out of the pages of the comics.

Wait, is this not the Avengers?

civil-war-3This film is titled Captain America: Civil War.

But with the amount of stars on-screen, and characters they’re representing, you’d be hard-pressed to not see this as an Avengers film.

That’s the beauty of such a thing though, as it feels like a comics universe has been represented on-screen.

No longer is another hero off doing something, or battling someone. Everyone we have met with a heroic trait in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) so far is either on-screen, or acknowledged as to their whereabouts.

For the first time, it feels like one giant universe of heroes, being brought together by dire circumstance that requires them to be at attention.

And the Russo’s make it work with ease.

Something Old, Something New

civil-war-4Civil War sees the outstanding introduction of some old and new heroes.

Based on the universe thus far, they didn’t even really need to introduce any more!

But with their wanton need to acknowledge the part of Spider-Man in this storyline, we also meet T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) as the Black Panther.

Receiving his own solo film in 2018, the addition of Black Panther not only brings more diversity to the cast, but another enhanced with incredible power and conviction.

Adding to the political elements they so love, Panther is an exciting addition to the MCU.

Just your friendly neighbourhood, Spider-Man

civil-war-5I’d like to think we’ve all seen the reviews raving about our new Peter Parker, Tom Holland.

And that’s for very good reason.

For the 20 or more minutes he’s on-screen, he is riotous in his demeanour; Completely uncertain of his place amongst these Avengers, and yet also completely aware of his ability.

While the Spider-Men we’ve had so far have been very good, this is the first time it felt like we were actually meeting THE Spider-Man.

United We Stand. Divided We Fall.

CW6Come its conclusion, you won’t find right or wrongs.

Each side of the argument is presented with its truth by the parties at the centre of this war.

Captain Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) seeks responsibility for the safety of the world.

Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) has been fighting for accountability ever since he left the cave in the first Iron Man film.

Expanding upon their ideas of politics they delivered in The Winter Soldier, the Russos succeed in presenting a battle driven by very real ideas, that are being debated by people with the power of an army in one hand.

And it is these ideas that makes the film thrilling in a story that’s already laden with mystery, murder, love and more.

Captain America: Civil War is a success in presenting an ensemble film with very real and personal stakes.

While The Avengers films set a precedent for ensemble Marvel films, they found their stakes in unity through events that could end the world.

In Civil War, they are being driven by something very personal, and it is when our heroes are not seeing eye to eye that you wonder how it will all end.

And when it ends, you’ll find yourself thinking how something that could have made their world so much smaller, has just made it so much bigger.


The Russo Brothers build upon their success with The Winter Soldier and make it something so much bigger in Captain America: Civil War.

This IS the comic book movie we've been waiting for.

P.S: There are TWO post-credit endings, so hang around until the very end!



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