XBOX At E3 2016


I’ve always been a little angry with XBOX’s E3 presentations simply because they have us Kiwi’s up so early.

Sure it’s easy for those attending, I mean it’s not 4:30AM in the morning for them!

But Microsoft have done a good enough job at presenting quality content at E3 to dictate my getting up so early to watch their presentations. And while last years was quite flat compared to what was offered by Sony, that can only mean they’ll come out swinging this year, right?

With early leaks confirming the XBOX One S is coming, what else will Microsoft have up their sleeves?

Join me below as I LIVE BLOG these hidden secrets they have left!

With a STRONG showcase, bringing titles that fans have been wanting to see, along with announcing Custom Controllers, the XBOX One S AND Project Scorpio, Microsoft have definitely learnt from the flaws of last year’s presentation.

While Hololens was missing from their briefing, they’ve done enough with strong content and have left their mark on the field of E3.

Can Sony come out swinging as hard as Microsoft did? Or are they saving their ammo for another battle?

We’ll find out this afternoon!

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