Playstation At E3 2016


And the final heavy hitter for Day Zero is about to close out the day, with Playstation about to present.


With attendees finishing their day at the event, will Playstation be able to keep the excitement levels up? Neo is apparently a no-show, and after the Project Scorpio reveal, what will they have on the cards to combat that with?

Who knows, but it is sure to be exciting!

Join me as I LIVE BLOG the Playstation E3 2016 Press Conference!

With a strong showing of fresh IP’s bringing an air of excitement to the forum, and a plethora of VR-enabled titles joining the Playstation VR, Sony’s showing was strong to put them on par with Microsoft.

But one has to wonder if the Neo was pulled as the conference felt like it was shortened. This could be the case due to Microsoft confirming that Project Scorpio is running in a whopping 6 teraflops of processing power, which means if the Neo is only pushing 2, then Sony may need to look at what this hardware will be released with.

They lost their “POP” at the end, but with enough filler in the middle, it’s safe to say no one really won out there today, and the real battle will be coming at next year’s E3 when the new consoles will most likely meet each other.

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