The Iron Lords Return In The Destiny: Rise Of Iron Cinematic Trailer

The Fallen have breached the Wall that surrounds the Cosmodrone in Old Russia.

They have acquired the SIVA virus, a Golden Age breakthrough in self assembling nano technology, giving them an arsenal of new weapons and tech not previously seen.

Lord Saladin, the last remaining Iron Lord, will lead players as they discover the past of the Iron Lords, reclaim Felwinter’s Peak, and stop the evil that the Iron Lords had originally sealed away.

Players will set out to become the new generation of the Iron Lords!

Destiny: Rise of Iron is releasing on September 20th and brings with it a whole, new cinematic story campaign!

Introducing Guardians to the new location ‘The Plaguelands’, this marks the first time that there will be two playable Patrol zones on one planet. With two Patrol nodes on Earth, one for the original Cosmodrome and one for the Plaguelands. A new public event called “Archon’s Forge” is also coming, that is similar to The Taken Kings Court of Oryx event and can be accessed in the Plaguelands!

Along with this, Rise Of Iron will take Guardians to a brand new social space at ‘Felwinter’s Peak’, a new six-player Raid called “Wrath of the Machine” which opens on the 23rd, and remastered three-player co-operative Strikes that will give Guardians even more ways to customize their weapons and gear!

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