Xenojay’s Best Scenes Of 2016


This would normally be some eloquent introduction about the state of films in 2016.

Something about how there were new developments or exciting stories being made and such.

But I’m not here to discuss the deeper meanings of film or anything like that.

And I’m not saying I’m ignorant of these qualities or flaws, as I just try to enjoy every piece of work put out by the film industry.

With that in mind, while I know most lists are about films overall, I like to think certain scenes are much more poignant and resonant of the overall experience.

Thusly, we end up with me trying to say:


1. Star Trek Beyond – SABOTAGE

When Justin Lin was announced as the Director for Star Trek Beyond, the one thing I said was as long as he did SOMETHING Fast & Furious-esque, it would make Beyond unbeatable in my books (ed. because of my undying love for the Furious franchise).

And this scene calling back to Kirk’s first riotous adventure, stealing his step-father’s beloved classic car, is the perfect setup for a scene of ‘Vin Diesien’-levels.

2. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice – Batman IS Batman

I like to think I place myself under the label of ‘comics purist’ from time to time, so when it comes to this scene, I should ultimately be offended by a Batman who is basically a murderous sociopath.

Yet I’m not.

I was on-board for the backstory of a Batman who was absolutely done with the bullshit of his fictional world.

And while we’ve had some wonderful Bat-scenes in the past, this one is the summation of his ability; Multiple tools in use; raw, unbridled anger and a dude running around with pointy ears and a sore throat.

3. Captain America: Civil War – Avengers Disassembled

Sure, maybe 2 hours of film led up to this very moment.

And okay, you might need to have seen A FEW of the previous Marvel films to get the gist of what’s going on.

But for a fan of comics, if you’d told me I’d one day see 12 Marvel Heroes on-screen at the same time going all-out, I would’ve told you to shut up.

So guess who’s being quiet now…

4. Nocturnal Animals – Sad Eyes


The conversations I’ve had about this film have been incredible, and that’s all thanks to Director Tom Ford‘s visual feast of a story within a story (ed. and maybe more…)

The final scene with Amy Adams staring off into the distance, her eyes the focus as the stories wrap up, is something so deliciously melancholic, that you might find yourself suffering from insomnia much like her character.


A movie rife with adult jokes that challenged the invisible line of morality we all hold out a distance from us, this scene burnt its way into my memory.

With Ryan Reynolds expertly delivering a line that challenges the ideals around sexism and equality while also representing the character’s manic disposition makes this a gem among a goldmine of a film.

6. Ghostbusters (2016) – “Leggo.”

Love it or hate it, Ghostbusters (2016) for me was a fun ride that had me end up like 90% of the viewing audience;

Which was to fall in love with Kate McKinnon as Jillian Holtzmann.

In the final battle, with her Proton Pack designs close to perfected (ed. they match that of the original film), she recalls “new toys” that she thinks would probably come in handy.

And boy do they.

7. Suicide Squad – Deadshot Can’t Miss

A film that was as divisive as the previous film, Suicide Squad had its moments.

And the moment where Will Smith as Floyd Lawton gets to become Deadshot once more, is one of the best in the film.

Especially thanks to the use of Kanye West‘s track, ‘Black Skinhead’.

8. Poi E: The Story Of Our Song – The Aunties

In a film that had a a monumental amount of great moments, it was Aunties Bib and Bub who caught me most.

Reminding me of so many Aunties down on the Marae or at countless other gatherings, their banter is the type of stuff best served with a cuppa and a plate full of laughs.

9. Tickled – The Introduction


While the documentary from David Farrier and Dylan Reeve has a lot of wacky scenery to it, the naivety of the opening scene just gets me.

The comfort Farrier experiences at first, which is quickly broken apart as he and Reeve begin to investigate the Tickling Scene (ed. I shit you not, it is a scene) is both comical and horrifying, which is always a fun combination for film (ed. But maybe not so much for the very real experiences they had)

10. Demolition – An End


As this film went on, all I was thinking to myself was that I hoped that it would be a representation of a breakdown that can only come from the most intense heartbreak.

And it was.

The final scene with Jake Gyllenhaal acting the hell out of the cumulative result of what came before the conclusion has stuck with me since I viewed this film halfway through 2016.

So there you have it!

My 10 favourite scenes from 2016! And yes, there were films released toward the end of the year (*coughs ROGUE ONE, FANTASTIC BEASTS, MOANA coughs*) that had some AMAZING moments, but these…well I guess these were set in stone a while ago.

What made your list?

And what do you think will make your list for 2017?

And that’s not all! OF COURSE NOT! That would be too easy.

The Top 3 Scenes also received XENO-AWARDS…or something like that. To be honest, I haven’t come up with a better name for them, but they totally exist and I’m just waiting on the other vendor to get back to me with an image!


Congratulations to Paramount NZ, Roadshow NZ and Marvel AUNZ for having what I feel were the Best Scenes for 2016.

Here’s to more excellent scenes in 2017!

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