Iron Man’s Got A Brand New Bag (Suit)

Sure the Hasbro Marvel Legends line may have given away the secret.

After announcing the Spider-Man Homecoming line of Marvel Legends figures, the toy company showcased Spidey (Tom Holland) in all his home-made/Stark-Tech suit glory, along with Vulture (Michael Keaton) being vulturey.

But we also got a glimpse at Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in something a little more…gunmetal…

And with the latest trailer for the upcoming film, it looks like the toys have indeed confirmed the suit.

Did you see it?

It’s a kind of the “pause the screen in high-definition” affair.

But if you do, you catch this:


Hey look at that! Iron Man saving the boat IN HIS FANCY NEW SUIT…

Sure, one screen is quite good, but what about another?


Now we’re not really paying attention to the interior of Iron Man’s suit. But if you look at his arms and gloves, they definitely align with the new design.

Again this may mean nothing to you; Iron Man has been making a new suit each movie like he’s Gucci (he is). BUT…for the fandom it says another design from the comics is entering the fray of movie stardom.

And that suit is from the Ultimate line of Marvel Comics.


Even when Marvel is collaborating with another studio, they still manage to get in little nods for the fans of the universe.

Oh, and what about that Scarlet Spider-nod?


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