Ubisoft At E3 2017


Ubisoft are the most interesting boat in the sea of gaming.

With an ability to create waves that constantly shake consumer confidence and restore it, the brand continues to push out sequels that challenge the original or try to live up to it, with produce original games that are either misrepresented or sail further than expected.

That kind of margin has allowed them to stay in the game for a long time, and maybe for years to come with a bountiful range of games that consumers know, whether it be bad or good.

With E3 2017, what will see return? And what will be announced?

Let’s jump in with a live-blog and see!

While mildly predictable, the announcement of Beyond Good And Evil 2 is huge for Ubisoft, with the gaming world having clamoured for the completion of that story for years. Along with newcomer Skull & Bones that takes the sailing of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag into its own franchise, and the continuing power of already established titles, this conference was a success.

My only issue was its lack of Aisha Tyler.

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