Spotify x VNZMAs – Numbers Guess Tonight’s Winners


Do you like data?

I bloody love data.

Probably in context to things I love, but still you get some good data in front of me and I’ll be like “Go call the Cap’n cause we’re gonna be crunching some numbers right now booiiiisssss!”.

With the 2017 New Zealand Music Awards (NZMAs) only hours away, Spotify has analysed (ed. note *sploosh*) local streaming data to try to predict the winners of five key categories this year!

Using the streaming data from the NZMAs’ voting period, Spotify ranked artists, songs and albums to predict who will take home the top gongs (based on highest amount of streams for each category).

Lorde is, unsurprisingly, predicted to have a big night with her sophomore album, Melodrama; The data suggesting she’ll take home Album of the Year and the People’s Choice (ed. note CAN YOU SMELLLAAAALALALALA WHAT THE LORDE…IS COOKING…).

Rising star, Aldous Harding, could follow in Kings’ footsteps by winning 2017’s Breakthrough Artist award, with drum’n’bass group Shapeshifter predicted to pick-up the gong for Best Group.
Single, In My Head, from MAALA is poised to take the award for Single of the Year based off the streaming data from Spotify.

Along with that sweet, sweet data; Spotify experts Alicia Sbrugnera (Spotify AUNZ, Senior Music Editor), Peter Stevens (Spotify AUNZ, Music Editor) and Tom Mee (Spotify ANZ, Artist and Label Services Manager) have also weighed in with who they believe may win, singling out Auckland band Leisure and rap crew SWIDT as potential 2017 winners.

Collating all of this, along with the expert picks in brackets next to their selection, the current predictions for the 5 categories stand as:

Album of the Year:
  1. ‘Melodrama’ – Lorde (+ Alicia, Peter, Tom)

  2. ‘Hood Country Club’ – David Dallas

  3. ‘Party’ – Aldous Harding

  4. ‘Leisure’ – Leisure

  5. ‘Morningside’ – Fazerdaze

Breakthrough Artist:
  1. Aldous Harding  (+ Alicia, Peter, Tom)

  2. Nadia Reid

  3. Teeks

  4. Fazerdaze

Best Group:
  1. Shapeshifter (+ Alicia)

  2. Devilskin

  3. Leisure – (+ Tom)

  4. SWIDT – (+ Peter)

People’s Choice Award:
  1. Kings

  2. Lorde (+ Alicia, Peter, Tom)

  3. MAALA

  4. Theia

  5. SWIDT

Single of the Year:
  1. ‘In My Head’ – MAALA  (+ Tom)

  2. ‘Green Light’ – Lorde (+ Alicia, Peter)

  3. ‘Fit In’ – David Dallas


Honestly, I can’t fault those too much. Lorde has had a strong year with a superbly-received sophmore album, while the rest of the category picks are in-line with the success these artists have had over 2017, both in Aotearoa and globally.

But at the end of the day, it’s just data.

And sometimes one little difference in value can make a big difference.


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