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I honestly didn’t know what to expect with A Quiet Place.

Like any good horror, its trailer won’t tell you what you’re going to experience; Which is how any good marketing should be done.

But come the end of the overall experience had within A Quiet Place, what you’ll walk away with is one of the best horrors of 2018.

Directed by Jim from The Office no less.

If they hear you, they hunt you.

How good is that synopsis?

Loud, clear and to the point.

Which is the complete opposite of the film.

Yes, there is no technical fault while you watch A Quiet Place. That title isn’t just there to sound spooky, as it is how the the film itself plays out.

The lack of audio during the film, only ramps up the anxiety you feel while watching A Quiet Place.

I thought with the emptiness, the film would have the gall to throw high-pitched strings in everywhere (ed. note: CLASSIC HORROR MUSIC…).

While it uses some very stabby, punchy audio from time to time, it is because of the intense silence that sound cascades into a roar that rattles you further.

Lead by Director John Krasinski, along with Emily Blunt and child stars Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe, they create family drama through use of ASL for the majority of the film (ed. note: Taught to the crew by Simmonds).

This further implied silence only deepens the urgency behind their situation, where next thing you know, sound is now the antagonist.

Beautiful red and blue visual tones play amongst the film, as it tip toes toward a deafening conclusion.

And with its end, you’ll be screaming for more.


A QUIET PLACE is a hugely refreshing film in a genre that keeps finding films which redefine the stakes.

And I'm so looking forward to what comes next after this film's exceptional use of sound.


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