E3 2014 – Playstation Conference Live Blog

Hot off Ubisoft’s conference, Sony will close out the major conferences for E3 2014 today. With a solid start from Microsoft, and some mixed follow-up conferences from EA and Ubisoft, Sony will be looking to finish strongly to remove any of the shine setup by previous announcements.

So let’s follow their conference with a live blog and see what they announce!



1PM – The stream goes live!

1:02PM – And by live, I mean delayed…


1:05PM – Sony start with Destiny, the new franchise from Bungie that has got many excited.

1:07PM – There’s a lot of footage, emphasising how key this title is to Sony’s holiday sales.

1:08PM – Andrew House, CEO of SCE takes the stage to officially start the conference for Sony.


1:09PM – Destiny is announced as releasing first on PS4, with the Beta releasing in July, and early Alpha access available at http://playstation.greatnessawaits.com/

A new ‘White’ console bundle is announced, releasing with Destiny.

1:12PM – A ‘new’ IP is showcased for the PS4. More footage of the previously announced The Order 1886 is shown.

Exclusively releasing on PS4, it shows off more gameplay, and what players can expect from the title.

1:16PM – New IP Entwined is showcased. A title about “2 souls thatare in love but cannot be together”. These 2 souls are controlled individually with each analog stick.

1:18PM –  Scott Rodhe has taken the stage, announcing that Entwined is now available for $9.99 on PSN. He then segues into the reveal of the exclusive standalone title First Light from the inFAMOUS Second Son universe. If you own the title, you will get exclusive content with this.

This content appears to focus on the character Fetch and her Neon powers, and what happened before her meeting Delsin Rowe, protagonist of Second Son.

1:21PM – After a little hiccup, it’s accidentally revealed that Sackboy is back with Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet 3 coming to PS4. With new characters Oddsock, Toggle and Swoop who introduce new skills to the Little Big Planet universe.

After showing off the new characters in playable code, it leads into a trailer for the upcoming title.

1:29PM – Shuhei Yoshida has now taken the stage!

1:30PM – He announces that on release, Little Big Planet 3 will be able to play any levels created in the previous versions of the title.

1:31PM – Yoshida San then introduces the leaked Project Beast title developed by FROM Software of Dark Souls fame. Titled Bloodborne, it is exclusive to the Playstation 4 and looks to be slightly different to what we’ve seen so far from the studio in terms of atmosphere and gameplay.

1:33PM – Alexander Hutchinson of Ubisoft introduces more Far Cry 4 footage, which has been a popular title over the day with the conferences we’ve seen.

1:39PM – After a lengthy showcase of Far Cry 4 footage, Adam Boyes takes the stage announcing that PSN has exclusive functionality allowing players to join Far Cry 4 as a second player without physically owning the title.

This then segues into an announcement for a new zombie-themed title.

1:42PM – After an interesting trailer, the title is announced as Dead Island 2. PS4 will also be getting an exclusive 30-Day Beta, and exclusive class and level when the game releases.

Boyes also announces The Last Of Us content for Diablo III, with Infected being added in a whole new dungeon for the title.

1:44PM – More Battlefield Hardline footage is showing, reiterating the exclusivity of the Beta, and a new trailer for the title.

1:45PM – Exclusive content is dropping for Disney Infinity and Destiny, that you will not get on any other platform.

1:47PM – A new exclusive title from Paradox Studios is announced, with Magicka 2 being shown for the PS4.

1:49PM – Tim Schaefer is revealed behind a trolling letter to reveal that Grim Fandango will be remastered exclusively for the PS4 and PS3.

1:51PM – Multiple indie titles are revealed, all exclusively releasing to the Playstation platforms. Broforce, Titan Souls, Not A Hero and Hotline Miami 2 will all be releasing in coming months from Devolver Studios.

1:53PM – Another new exclusive title is revealed for PS4; Let It Die from Suda 51.

1:55PM – Giant Squid of Journey fame announce their next title, exclusive to PS4. Titled Abzu, it carries on the fantastic art-style and audio of the former.

1:57PM – Another console debut for the PS4. Titled No Man’s Sky, space travelling and exploration are just the tip of what you will be able to do in a massive environment.

2:03PM – Andrew House returns to the stage, announcing that Project Morpheus will have 2 playable titles at E3 for attendees.

He then introduces Shawn Layden, president of SCEA.

2:05PM – Layden announces updates to how the Playstation shares, with YouTube functionality being added. Along with this, 25 free to play titles are announced for the next year and the Playstation Now service will be releasing as Beta in North America on July 31st.

2:16PM – Titles are announced for the Vita, with titles such as Child Of Light, Minecraft and Tales Of Borderlands releasing on the system.

2:18PM – The previously announced Playstation TV is releasing later this year, giving users the opportunity to play PSP, Vita, PS1 and PS2 titles on through a new micro-console from Sony.

2:21PM – Layden premieres gameplay footage for the upcoming title Mortal Kombat X.

2:24PM – House returns to the stage building upon their media and how this ties into the users experience. Announcing the introduction of  more TV content along with NEW, House brings Brian Michael Bendis to the stage to introduce the exclusive series POWERS.

2:29PM – Carrying on their stance around new media, new footage is shown for the Ratchet & Clank movie, releasing in 2015.

2:31PM – After the trailer, House announces that the original Ratchet & Clank will be remastered for PS4 with new gameplay, updated graphics and content.

This then segues into the upcoming remaster of the title The Last Of Us. The release date has now been updated, with the title coming July 29th.

2:34PM – More Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain footage is revealed.

2:38PM – Grand Theft Auto V is revealed as releasing for Playstation 4.

2:41PM – Exclusive gameplay footage for Batman: Arkham Knight shows on screen, displaying a larger world, the Batmobile and it’s ability to shift into battle mode and how it can launch Batman for flight.

After the trailer, the conference breaks the fourth wall with Scarecrow exclusive missions being announced for PS4.

2:47PM – After this, they then show Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End the next part of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted franchise.

The floor closes. An interesting day, with a wide variety of announcements between the Big Two. With Nintendo joining the fray tomorrow, there are a lot of thoughts to be had after them.

It feels like E3 is off to a start, that’s for sure!

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