‘What We Do In The Shadows’ Review – ‘Bloody Great’ Seems Appropriate For This Quirky Kiwi Comedy

If a vampire has been known to sleep for 2 years, then it must do a lot for their looks as this hibernation period between the filming of director Taika Waititi’s latest film What We Do In The Shadows and it’s release has brought us another delightful Kiwi-flick that is blood-suckingly good and deserves all the acclaim it has been receiving.


Starring the director and his co-writer Jemaine Clement, the film is a documentary following a group of vampires in Wellington, New Zealand. As they show us what their lives entail, quirky sub-plots unfold showcasing each characters personality that culminates in an oddly beautiful ending for creatures whose feeding habits are anything but.
The tone is wonderfully Kiwi, but with some of the humour broadening itself into slapstick, it’s easy to see why the film has been well-loved internationally.

It’s always good to go out and support local film, especially when it’s created by two very talented Kiwis’ in the field. But in this case, you’ll be rewarded with a heart-warming film by a group of cold-blooded creatures of the night.

What We Do In The Shadows is in cinemas now.

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