The big day for E3 starts this morning with Microsoft stepping up first to the plate to take a swing. Promising the greatest games line-up in XBOX history, will Microsoft come through and deliver some huge surprises? Or will they be riding the coattails of last years fantastic outing?

All this and more, in this mornings first live blog! Follow the live blog below or watch their stream here!


The XBOX Briefing has ended, and with a strong games library with some great exclusives, along with new hardware and the huge announcement of Backwards Compatibility, Microsoft have matched Bethesda’s showcase yesterday and bettered it with an amazing presentation.

Listening to gamers and their attempts to move the market forward, along with their heavy messages of Windows 10 synergy, the XBOX One may have lived up to it’s announcement that this was their greatest games line-up in history.

I can only imagine Microsoft have kicked up their feet and smugly said:

“Your move, Sony…”

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