Playstation At E3 2015 – LIVE BLOG

Sony will be stepping up next at E3, following some big shoes set by both Bethesda and Microsoft. While they haven’t been touting what they’re bringing to E3 like Microsoft have, will we see some big surprises? Or the continuation of a steady rise back to the top in the gaming market?

All this and more, through their live stream which can be viewed below!


With a showing that fulfilled some long requested titles from Sony, they definitely did enough to hold themselves level with what Bethesda and Microsoft laid out. While the lack of Backwards Compatibility isn’t a huge loss, it’s still something that would help gamers who don’t necessarily have the money to fund such a habit with the ability to play great games from the last generation.

Whether or not Microsoft’s move will close out the somewhat burgeoning Remaster market will be anyone’s guess, but in terms of presentation, I believe Sony did enough to keep the market share they have, while being made aware that Microsoft is doing everything they can to muscle back in on this.

I don’t normally agree with the mantra “what a time to be a gamer”, but I think in this case…what a time to be a gamer.

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