NZ Film Festival – Turbo Kid Review

Turbo Kid starts off immediately with an opening that’s a direct homage to the grandiosity of 80’s era film and never lets up.

Starring Canadian actor Munro Chambers as the titular ‘Kid’, we join him in a post-apocalyptic world filled with salvageable goods and back-water markets where water is the most valuable resource after the world has destroyed itself (which is just so wonderfully 80’s).
As he goes about living his life in the ruins of this Earth, with his love of comics to get him through, he runs into Apple (Laurence Leboeuf), a naive girl wandering the wastelands in search of friends.
They grow close because this is the plot device we need to meet Zeus (Michael Ironside), a tyrant who wishes to control the desolate waste of man, whose gang kidnaps Apple and sets the Kid off on an adventure that goes “turbo”.

The film doesn’t mess around with what it’s trying to do. So terrifically 80’s in presentation and scripting, it rides the euphoria the audience outputs adoringly and uses that to full-effect. With over-the-top gore, an Ironside who gloriously overplays the villainous Zeus (who is just an Ironside character from the 80’s) and Leboeuf who plays the role of Apple so gorgeously that you’ll want to spew up candy, the film doesn’t try to be anything more than what it is.

And that just makes it fantastically fun to watch.


Turbo Kid doesn't mess around or try to be more than it is, and for that it's a fun romp through the classic era of 80's films


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