Dead Rising: Watchtower Review – It’s Like The Game But A Movie

I suspect I’m a little bit bias toward Dead Rising: Watchtower.

Being a huge fan of a good old zombie flick and the video game series itself, I feel that the movie in some way was always going to be good for me in a sense.

And I think the amount of times I smiled or laughed at moments during it support this very fact.

Starring Jesse Metcalfe (John Tucker Must Die) as Chase Carter, a new-age digital reporter who finds himself in the middle of a zombie outbreak, we follow him as he groups with other survivors (Meghan Ory Virginia Madsen) to escape the newly quarantined city and get the story back to his colleague Jordan (Keegan Connor Tracy).
Finding time to deliver snippets of information via mobile to news network UBN hosted by Susan Collier (Carrie Genzel), who is interviewing outbreak celebrity Frank West at the time(Rob Riggle), the story starts to open up and it appears that everything isn’t as it seems…

Especially when General Lyons (Dennis Haysbert) and the National Army arrive at the scene.

Filled to the brim with a host of things that pay homage to the video games series, it inextricably ties the mediums together with the film carrying on from the premise set in the very first game.
After Frank West survives the outbreak in Willamette, he goes on to become a celebrity as these events begin to occur more and more. With the outbreak being suspected as a form of natural disaster at first, the story starts to play around with the idea of business and politics having more to do with the cause.
While the film tries to follow this serious-tone with a heavy foot, it finds its best moments when it’s just being what was so loved about the game. With hoards of zombies bearing down on our protagonists, they develop wild combo weapons which the series has become known for and go off on gore-infested beatdowns with Jigsaw-Sledgehammers or Machete-Tipped-Shotguns, leaving carnage in their wake (A hilarious scene involving a clown’s head and a van is a classic!).

As with many films these days, it wavers in it’s third act and finds itself running longer than needed. While slightly irksome, as it comes to its conclusion, it tidies itself up enough to justify a sequel (which has already been announced).

While Dead Rising: Watchtower isn’t going to win any awards, it is something that can easily be watched again by fans of the series, and by any new fans who simply love a pretty solid zombie film.


A fun ride through the land of Dead Rising, Watchtower does what the series does best and kills a lot of zombies in very hilarious ways!


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