TRAINWRECK Review – Amy Schumer Shines In Crazy Comedy

The reason I’ll never forget that Trainwreck is a film, is because of a little piece of trivia I learnt about it. As the writer of the film, Amy Schumer‘s scripted story came down to something based on her and her sister in a fantastical setting.
While she looked to star in the film, it wasn’t in a main role capacity. As development continued, Director Judd Apatow said to her “Why don’t you headline?”.

And so we have Schumer leading the charge in Trainwreck, which is completely fitting of its title.

Telling the story of Amy (Schumer), a modern girl who does what she wants, we follow her through her world of conquests and work. With a life that is poles apart from her sister Kim (Brie Larson), it all starts to slowly crumble after she meets Dr. Aaron Conners (Bill Hader) while working on a new article for her job.

The first 2 acts definitely befit being a visual representation of a train, as they drive headlong into us with that type of adult comedy they play after 9PM on television. It’s unrelenting and almost intoxicating in how much it pushes you past that moral line you save for dignified social interactions; it more similar to those private chats you save for those close to you.
A cast that’s made for this type of comedy is surprisingly buffered by two sport celebrities who manage to shine (if not more brightly) as much as the main cast themselves; Lebron James and John Cena outstanding in what they deliver, Cena‘s cinema scene a stand-out in the film.

What is becoming more apparent for me as I watch more films this year, is that 2015 is this weird year of the bumbling third act.
While the first 2 acts are clear in what they set out to do, the tone of the film drastically changes and moves away from it’s R-Rated setting to something more rom-com which slightly throws you off.

But maybe that’s the “wreck” part of the title? The first 2 acts rush maddeningly toward you and suddenly career off the tracks into its loved-up ending.

And it’s not to bad to watch.


While it slightly derails in its third act, Trainwreck is a fantastic carriage for Schumer and her outrageous style of comedy!


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