10 Cloverfield Lane Review – Thrills And Spills


The film 10 Cloverfield Lane plays out remarkably like its release. With tension tighter than high-tensile wire and surprises around all the small corners of the bunker, this may very well be the sleeper hit of 2016.

After Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) wakes up from a car accident, she finds herself stowed underground in a doomsday bunker made by an unknown man (John Goodman), and with one other survivor (John Gallagher, Jr.). Warned of an apocalyptic event, she decides what to do next.

That’s all you can really touch on plot-wise as the film ingeniously plays around with this simple premise. While it only follows 3 characters, in its 90 minutes you don’t really know what’s happening. Is he the bad guy? Did the apocalypse actually occur? Are the 2 men working together, or is it something else? Leaving much of the head-scratching up to the audience, it executes a story that feels like a line being pulled until it’s close to snapping. Winstead has always proven herself as a strong lead, but finds her characters own strength emboldened by Goodman‘s turn as the stranger. Layered in “is he or isn’t he”, you can only hope to see him in more roles similar to it due to how well he portrayed his character. Gallagher, Jr. wonderfully plays the other survivor whose initial scenes have you wanting him washed away, until the story develops him further.

Kept in the bunker for the first acts of the story, act 3 flips it on its head with outcomes that have you wondering where the Cloverfield series will head next, because what this film has done has taken something that almost seemed closed and made it subject to so many more open possibilities.


10 Cloverfield Lane had me covering my mouth because I had to stop myself from saying "What the f**k is going on..." so much.



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