Let’s Go To OROS – A Far Cry Primal Tour Guide


HELLO! I’M XENOJJAR and today I’ll be your guide to all things OROS!

What’s an “Oros” you say?! Well it’s a little place in Central Europe, 10, 000 BCE! That’s the beginning of the Mesolithic period for all you cave-nerds out there!

So pull on your animal hides, settle on your best rock and let me show you some of the things you should check out while you’re staying with us Wenja in Oros!

The Oros Flora


Around these parts, we pride ourselves on our quality of land!

In Oros, you’ll find many things like:

  • Lots of rock (of differing environmental quality even!)
  • Lots of reeds
  • Lots of flowers
  • Lots of wood (like rock, also differing quality!)
  • Lots of stone (like rock, but not…rock…)
  • Lots of flowers…

Wait! Did I say flowers?? Well we have lots of those just as a reminder!

But honestly, help yourself to these lands. What’s ours is yours, but if you get some really nice stuff, we might have to talk about it.

Like that really nice animal hide…

The Oros Wildlife


What a segue, right??

The wildlife in Oros is exactly that.


Much like that weird girl Dorothy from the visions I had of some place called ‘KANSAS’, there are lions, tigers and bears (Oh my!). There are also crocodiles (Alligators? They both snap, I should check), crazed birds and the most terrifying of all Oros creatures…


But should you survive this, you might make some new friends!


And with them under your control, you’ll have a whole other way to introduce yourself to other people, which will be fun!

And oh! You could get some really cool clothes for the cold yet hilarious Westeros-referring areas…

Winter Is Coming


Yes, once you obtain some better clothes to deal with the harsh colds of the North, you too will become a Stark and kill everything (instead of everything killing you).

If you run naked through these parts though, you will only be able to survive its harsh conditions for a short time, so choose wisely!

I mean, it’s not like you need the resources located there…(you do).



Our local shaman Tensay is here to bring the party!

With wild concoctions, this crazy soothsayer will send you on amazing journeys through the landscape of Oros that will help you become SOMETHING ELSE.

Sure it doesn’t look healthy, but the end result leaves you better off!

Home Sweet Home


Have you ever built a village?

Well if you join us in Oros, you can!

The Wenja will make their home feel like your home, and with it you will be rewarded with many meats and furs and maybe even more!

If that’s not enough to get you to join us here in Oros, then I only hope the following of our main man Takkar in action convinces you to join us in our crazy part of the world!

Boy oh boy, that Master Of The Beasts is truly one of the greatest! AND YOU CAN BE LIKE THAT IN OROS!

It’s true.

You too, can do all of that and more.

So why not join us? We won’t bite.

I can’t guarantee that nothing else won’t though.

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