The Bethesda #BE3 Showcase At E3 2016


While Electronics Art took the floor earlier today, it’s Bethesda who have officially come out as the ‘King Of Day -1’.

Their #BE3 Showcase starts at 2PM, New Zealand time, and will have them present their upcoming titles for the next year.

After last years success with announcing the one title they needed to garner much excitement to their brand (Fallout 4), many would like to see the next Elder Scrolls title revealed. BUT! Many punters have their money on the remaster of the previous Elder Scrolls title, Skyrim, being announced. Even if that is the case, the likes of Dishonoured 2 will be shown further, with more no doubt joining it.

So join me here at 2PM for a LIVE BLOG on the event!

Presenting a new Quake title, more news around Dishonored 2, confirmation that Skyrim is getting it’s remaster and the reveal that PREY is indeed in the works again, Bethesda have led a strong showcase with plenty of new content coming for fans of many of their franchises.

It looks like 2016 will continue the success that Bethesda started with last year’s prE3 showcase.

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