SNIPER ELITE IV Review – 80’s Action In A World War


I can’t recall the amount of times I’ve been told to play the Sniper Elite series.

I assume the answer is “a lot”, but it always fell to the wayside even though it had a lot of really good market drive behind it.

The series has now reached part 4 in the series (incredible effort really!) and protagonist Karl Fairburne returns once more to wreck domes.

But is 4 already too much?

Set in Italy in 1943, Sniper Elite IV follows the immediate aftermath of the events in part 3. Controlling Karl Fairburne, an Office of Strategic Services agent, players are tasked with assisting the Italian resistance force in their fight against the Fascists in World War II.

Now I know a lot of outlets talk about the stealth elements of this game, which is fine!

But me?


With a fantastic lead-in tutorial on the first level, Sniper Elite IV is very much a game built around the player and their style.
At first, I thought its world was going to be linear and restrictive; that was until I actually reached San Celini Island, the first level for the game.
As I looked across the wide expanse, I thought to myself

“this ought to be fun…”

While the game can be rewarding on so many levels, it was incredible to find that it was open to how the player wanted to complete the mission.
As mentioned, while stealth is key, what with such function heavily attached to the idea of what it would mean to be a sniper, you don’t necessarily need to ACT like that.

And that’s where I found most of my fun.

Sure approaching it like a Sniper should be the go, but I was here to blow up stuff and take down fascists.
With new ways to approach levels with the ability to now hang off ledges and explode the crap out of stuff, you bet my life was about this.
Rushing around vantage points and marking off targets, I was about popping off quick shots and getting names later.

Oh, did I also point out you can get names?

Levels lovingly adorned with multiple collectibles that elaborate on the background of the regime you’re attempting to take down, hidden amongst the plethora of ammo caches and weapons along the way.

With battles alongside non-playable characters to be had, Sniper Elite IV is this riotous beast of fun that doesn’t limit the player’s choice of actions. In-fact, it almost works best when you have to think on your feet in the event something doesn’t go to plan.

And oh, the ridiculous Kill-Cam is also back.


Providing so much fun for whatever way you want to play, Sniper Elite IV is the type of bonkers action you want if you want to act like you're covered in a ghillie suit, or if you're an 80's action hero telling enemies to "let off some steam".


We were supplied with a digital Review copy thanks to GDE!

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