XBOX At E3 2017


After Day Negative-Negative or Day Zero-Zero, Microsoft step up with their E3 XBOX Briefing for 2017.

Riding in on PROJECT SCORPIO, the true 4K console (ed. ~ as advertised), what other surprises are XBOX going to bring with a show running longer than their standard 90 minute format?

No one knows, but I guess we’re about to find out.

So keep in check with my live blog below!

With a truly large lineup of games, and the word ‘exclusive’ being thrown around like it was its own game, XBOX came out swinging with the XBOX One X announcement and more.

Solidifying their foothold in the American market, will their new range of games along with an ever expanding backwards compatible library be enough to reach the heights of the XBOX 360?

We’ll have to see after Sony’s briefing tomorrow.

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