Playstation At E3 2017


After Microsoft’s big outing yesterday, it’s now Sony’s turn.

With no hardware announcements on the horizon for the Playstation, we’ll most likely see a show driven by the library of titles that have driven their success in the gaming industry.

Are Playstation going to complete with XBOX’s constant use of the word ‘exclusive’? And will we see more sequels than original titles?

We’ll find out as we live-blog the Playstation Live From E3!

Showing off many titles from last year, with the Pre-Show reel actually bringing a load of surprises, Playstation have done enough to settle in for another year of gaming. Popular current titles receiving new content along with more gameplay from previously announced games is an easy market win.

But with a sense of something bigger waiting in the background, and games like The Last Of Us 2 missing in action, could Sony be moving the majority of their big wins to the Playstation Experience that takes place later in the year?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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